Documenting Right Now Life with The ALP Story Journal

Do you want to start documenting your life, but have no idea where to start, or what stories to begin with? I designed The Awesome Ladies Story Journal to cure all those ails. The ALP Story Journal was created just for you to document your awesome lady stories, creating a short creative memoir of your personal right-now history.

Document Your Right Now Life.

History is made up of stories, and for a long ass time, women were not allowed to share theirs. Make your mark on the world and share your stories.

Make your mark on the world and share your stories.

The ALP Story Journal has 14 different storytelling prompts, each helping you to document a single story from your life. These stories can be from your right now life, or you can mix it up and add stories from your childhood, your high-school or college years, and anytime in between.

The ALP Story Journal is the size of the popular Traveler’s Notebooks and fits in standard size folios. There are 32 pages inside including a front cover, double-page introduction spread, fourteen double-page prompt spreads, and a back cover.

The ALP Story Journal was printed on thick 100-pound text paper and will hold up to almost all mediums. Whether you’re a traditional scrapbooker, mixed media artist, journaler, or just getting started on your Awesome Ladies journey, the ALP Story Journal is here for you to document your life any way that you damn well please.

Minimalist Black & White Design

The Story Journal was designed with a minimal black and white aesthetic. It works perfectly with any style and can be complemented with all of your favorite creative supplies.


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I absolutely love seeing what all the Awesome Ladies are doing with this Story Journal. It’s already been sent to over a hundred different women on half a dozen different countries around the world.

Your creativity is absolutely awe-inspiring! The art that everyone is making in our journals is absolutely incredible. You can pick up one of your own (or another one to get started, or a few for your friends for holiday gifts) in the Awesome Ladies Shop!

Grab your Story Journal Today! 

ALP Story Journal

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