Changes, Updates and Known Issues


Replaced standard wp-cron with server based cron for speed/database request


Added Photo View to Calendar/Events


Added currency conversion tool to ALP Shop.
Added Photo view to Events Calendar
Re-Added Event Calendar, removed Google Calendar embed

Known Issues

App may not recognize your membership details after opening a notification. Fix is in the works

If you’re having any issues with the site or the app, please let me know by messaging @boofasten, opening a support ticket in the sidebar/more menu, or emailing

Thank you so much for helping to improve the ALP for everyone.

About the ALP

No matter what your life looks like, you are the best person to tell your stories

The Awesome Ladies Project started as a creative self-documenting challenge in March of 2013 by me, rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker. The Awesome Ladies Project challenges you to document your life on your terms. No matter what your life looks like, you’re awesome and your stories deserve to be documented in a way that makes you feel awesome.

The Awesome Ladies Project offers various creative projects to help women document their lives. The ALP exists to encourage and empower women to prioritize self-storytelling through creative means.It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro; whether you’ve got just five minutes or can dedicate a whole weekend.

This place exists to help you tell your stories.

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