Join us in the Clubhouse for December Prep!

We’re gonna be in the Clubhouse all day! Join us for December Prep. This is one of my favorite days of the year.

Many of us will also be attending other crafting events this weekend, including Ali Edwards’ December Daily Prep Day. If you’re planning on hanging out in our Zoom room, and want to watch videos while still in the chat, check out this screenshot below to “Leave Computer Audio”.

Step One: Click on the up arrow next to the mute button (the microphone icon usually in the lower left corner).

Step Two: Click on “Leave Computer Audio”.

This will mute you and it will mute the zoom.

This way we won’t hear the audio on your end — you can watch videos as loud as you want lol. And you won’t hear the people chatting in the zoom room either!

See you in the Clubhouse!

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