Book of Me: Find Your Voice — Now Available

It’s Book of Me time! Book of Me is one of the most loved classes here at the ALP.

I’ve been teaching a version of Book of Me for more than five years, and every year we create something amazing. This year is going to be exceptional!  

I am so excited to bring you a brand-new version of our favorite workshop — Book of Me! I think this one is going to be extra special. I’ve wanted to bring back my Find Your Voice teachings for a while now, and when the idea to bring Book of Me and Find Your Voice together popped into my brain, I knew I had to bring it to all of you.  

We are going to have an amazing time this year discovering who you are as a storyteller. We do that by creating an epic all-about-me scrapbook in whatever shape, size, and style that suits you and your life right now. This workshop is perfect for scrapbookers of all skill levels.  

This workshop is going to help you discover both the narrative voice of your stories as well as understand your own creative style.

Let’s start this journey.  

This workshop includes:

  • Live Lessons every Wednesday at 7pm ET

    • Live lesson format:
      • First, we’ll spend time on a short lesson from rukristin on that week’s topic.
      • We’ll spend time reflecting on that week’s challenge with quiet journaling.
      • We’ll do a 15-minute breakout session* so students can bounce ideas off each other.
      • We’ll come back and finish up the lesson with final thoughts and a look ahead.
        • *If you’re not up for a breakout session, you can stay in the main room and continue quietly reflecting on that week’s challenge.
  • Private Community

    • We have a Book of Me private group available for all Book of Me students.Inside this group, you can check out inspiration in our exclusive Book of Me gallery, chat with other students on the Book of Me forums, and more! It’s the best place to feel like you’re actually back in school, hanging out with friends again.
  • Accountability Groups

    • This semester we’re going to be testing out accountability groups. I’ll be putting you in groups of 3-4 people you’ll meet with. Your groups will create your own meeting times on your own terms (whatever works best for all of your lives). You’ll also get to set the parameters of what’s important about your meetings — whether it’s sharing, bouncing ideas off each other, helping each other through roadblocks, etc.

Live lessons are recorded.

Video recordings are placed inside the classroom lesson later that evening. The audio recording will also be available on the FSS private podcast later that evening. If you are an FSS student and you do not have access to the private podcast, put in a support ticket for a remedy.

This course is available free of charge to all ALP Feminist Scrapbook School students. If you’d like to register for Feminist Scrapbook School, you can do so here. This course is also available a la carte. Click the link below for either option! (FSS students — you’ll see the cost as $0).

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