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    So, is anyone doing the 100 day project this year?

    Last year I attempted to complete 100 days and did Kristin’s 100 Days of All About Me. I’ve got about 10-12 cards to do and it’s compete so I need to get off my butt and finish it lol

    This year I’m not sure what I want to do.

    Not sure what the 100 Day Project is? Check out

    Awesome Ladies Gallery Fairy
    My blog

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     Lea B

    Last year I did 100 days of drawing/doodles and have continued the practice ever since. I didn’t however finish in the first 100 days. My job gets super busy June-Sept so I kind of do nothing but sleep and work unfortunately.

    This year I’m planning to do 100 days of collage. Just stick anything down for 100 days. I’m excited about it!

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       Lea B

      I did @kristin’s 100 days all about me last year also. I did several days in one day (sometimes a week at a time) but I did manage to finish on the 100th day. That would be a great project for anyone looking for an idea!

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    I haven’t quite decided, yet. If I do, it will be in the 100 Days All About Me workbook.

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    I’m doing it! Not sure where else to post the photos – other than Instagram. I am including a page in my photography blog. I’m doing the 100 days of All About Me and I’m doing one I’m calling Colour/Color my Life.




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    I did the #100Days challenge in 2017 and I have to say it was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. It was cathartic and very introspective and encouraged me to journal much more than I ever have done before. I did it digitally, that helps when you’re doing a project like that, you can go back and edit, edit, edit. But, every prompt was fun to do. The 2018 version is exactly the same as last year, so I’m not repeating it, but I am designing my own 100MOREdaysofallaboutme so that I can continue. There are plenty of journaling prompts out there on the internet. My book turned out to be something that I know my future family is going to enjoy reading and discovering about me and I wanted to do more. I’ve attached a couple pictures – my album is fashioned after someone else’s album that I saw somewhere on either this site or on Instagram. (I did ask her permission to use her idea and she was quite excited.) So, I would HIGHLY recommend doing the challenge or continuing on and I’m very grateful to the ALP for the challenge and where it’s taken me.

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