Summer of Selfies

Celebrate the Summer of Selfies with rukristin and the Awesome Ladies

June 1st through August 31st

This summer we are celebrating our stories through the art of selfies. Taking selfies are important for a myriad of reasons that we are thrilled to dive into this summer. They are a representation of who you are right now, wherever you are. You have the power to take these photos so that you can have more representation of yourself in this world; because you are awesome, and we need more you.

Summer is an awesome time to practice selfies — and yes, it is a skill that takes practice. The weather is warm enough for fun outfits. There is lots of light outside (natural light is so beneficial). It’s prime vacation/adventure time (finding cool settings is fun). Throughout the summer, we’ll be diving into all things selfies here at the Awesome Ladies Project.

In addition to everything mentioned below, there will be additional pop-up selfie-related content on the Awesome Ladies Blog, Awesome Ladies Instagram and Awesome Ladies Newsletter throughout the summer. This summer is going to rock.

How to Get Started

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Upcoming Free Summer of Selfies Webinars

Make sure that you’re signed up for the Summer of Selfies email updates so you can sign up for these free webinars as soon as the registration pages open. Recordings of the webinars will be emailed to those who register and also put up in the Awesome Ladies VIP Library of Resources along with all the other webinar replays.

Summer Selfie Scrapbook Mini Album

This content was available to all members during the weekend but has now moved into the VIP Library of Resources.

Grab your selfies and your favorite scrapbook supplies and get ready to learn how to make a summer selfie scrapbook that you’re going to love. This free weekend event was jam-packed with information, inspiration, video tutorials, hangouts, and so much more.

New Summer of Selfie Website Updates

  • Summer of Selfies Forum* — this is a brand new forum for all things selfie-related. Do you have a question about selfies? Do you want to share your struggles or your latest triumph? Did you read a great article or find an awesome video and want to share it with the community? This is a great place for just that. Forums are for Awesome Ladies VIP members*. Upgrade your membership here
  • Summer of Selfies Discord Channel — this is a brand new Discord Chatroom for all Awesome Ladies members to chat about selfies and anything that’s going on in their selfie-taking world. It’s a great place to share pictures and quick videos. If you’re new to Discord, start here.

Additional Resources

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rukristin’s weekly Thursday3 Selfie Challenge

rukristin’s weekly Thursday3 Selfie Challenge

The Crafty Ass Female Podcast — Episode 21: #Thursday3 & Selfies

The Crafty Ass Female Podcast — Episode #21 #Thursday3 & Selfies

Selfies Lesson inside Intro to Feminist Scrapbooking

How Community Members Have Crafted with Thursday3 Photos

If you are interested in writing a piece about selfies please send an email to with the subject: ALP Summer of Selfies writing.