Spark Your Story

I love taking different tests and assessments to help me learn more about my storytelling self. It’s a great way to connect with who you are in a new light.

My great friend Maghan Haggarty introduced me to the Sparketype test a little while back, and it quickly became one of my go-to favorites. Maghan has baan my go-to resource for all things Sparketype since taking the assessment, and she’s created some amazing, exclusive resources here for us at the ALP to share how the Sparketype test can help you learn to better tell your own stories.

Step 1: Take the Sparketype Test

Step 2: Watch Maghan’s Find Your Spark Video

Step 3: Watch Maghan’s The Sparketypes Video

Kristin’s Sparketypes are:

  • Maker – Primary
  • Warrior – Shadow
  • Nurturer – Anti

What are yours? How will you include these in your stories in the future?