Summer Memory-Planner Canva Layered Template


Transform your summer memories into beautifully designed digital scrapbook pages with our Summer Memory Planner Canva Template. Designed for use with Canva, this layered template offers a minimalist memory-planning style, allowing you to easily document your favorite moments, add photos, and customize layouts with just a few clicks. Simplify your memory-keeping process and share more stories effortlessly with this template. Get started today and unlock your creativity with ease.


Introducing our Summer Memory-Planner Canva Template – the perfect tool to effortlessly document your favorite summer memories. Designed for Canva, this template makes it easier than ever to create stunning digital scrapbook pages and preserve your precious moments in a stylish and personalized way.

Key Features:

  • Complete Summer Package: The template includes digital pages for the entire summer, providing you with a comprehensive solution for capturing all your cherished memories.
  • Flexible Photo Placements: With different-sized photo placeholders, screenshots, and capture options, you can easily showcase all your favorite photos, ensuring no moment goes undocumented.
  • Convenient Print Size: The template is sized at 6×8, making it ideal for printing at your preferred photo book service, allowing you to create a physical album of your memories.
  • Seamless Canva Integration: Upload photos directly from your phone into the Canva app and work on the template across multiple devices – phone, tablet, or computer – ensuring it’s accessible wherever you are.

Design Style:

Our template features a minimalist memory-planning style, with each two-page spread representing a week of memories. The clean, black-and-white design with a focus on typography provides a modern and elegant canvas to highlight your stories. However, customization is key, and you have the freedom to modify the colors, fonts, and layouts to align with your unique style.

Ease of Use:

Customization is a breeze with the Canva app or website. Adjust colors, fonts, sizes, and more to personalize the template according to your preferences. The template is designed for anyone with basic Canva knowledge, and if you need guidance, check out our YouTube video on Canva for Scrapbooking to enhance your skills.

Compatibility and Format:

This template is available as a layered Canva template, ensuring compatibility with the free version of Canva. No need to purchase Canva Pro – you can access all the template features and unleash your creativity using the free version.

Unlock Your Creative Potential:

Our exclusive template empowers you to document everyday moments, the entirety of your summer, or any specific aspect of your life, such as a garden, a new family member, or your current media interests. Share more photos and tell more stories effortlessly, simplifying the memory-keeping process while creating a professional-looking memory photo book.

Join our Canva Lunch & Learn sessions throughout the summer, where we’ll dive deeper into using this template and explore various storytelling techniques, font and type options, printing from Canva, and more. It’s an exciting opportunity to enhance your scrapbooking skills and discover endless creative possibilities.

Don’t miss out on the chance to make your summer memories last a lifetime. Get your hands on our Summer Memory-Planner Canva Template today and start documenting your stories with style and ease.