Pilot Multi Ball Pen – Medium – Black


It’s simple – this is the best possible pen to use for journaling, everyday writing and so much more. I’ve tried so many pens, and I simply must have this one around at all times.


From Jet Pens:

“The Pilot Multi-Ball pen is highly recommended by mixed media artists for its rich colors and amazing versatility. On paper, it feels just like a normal gel pen, but it also writes on plastic metal, glass, cloth, and more—hence the name ‘Multi-Ball.'”


  • On smooth surfaces, mistakes can be easily fixed within six hours of writing by wiping the ink with a wet cloth. After six hours have passed, the pen marks become permanent.
  • The Multi-Ball is also eco-friendly, composed of 77% recycled plastic.

Note: If the pen does not write immediately on a non-paper surface, try writing on paper first to get the ink flowing.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs