My Details: Citizenship Edition Workshop



The MyDetails: Citizenship Edition contains ten brand-new creative prompts to document you and your citizenship life. No matter what your style, you’ll find inspiration in more than 30 unique MyDetails: Citizenship Edition projects, exclusive to this workshop.

Whether you’re a blogger, a mini book maker, an art-journaler, a scrapbooker, or any other creative or wannabe-creative person, we’ve got the best ideas to make sure you are telling YOUR story and documenting YOUR details in your memory keeping!

Upon registering, you’ll be given immediate access to the My Details: Citizenship Edition classroom with all of the content for the workshop. You’ll also get our colorful welcome PDF. This PDF will help guide you through this self-paced workshop.

What You’ll Get

  • Ten citizen-story based prompts
  • 45+ lessons for you to dive-right into, available as soon as you check out.
  • Detailed suggestions for interpretations of each prompt, making each prompt something you can return to for inspiration again and again
  • Creative interpretations of each prompt from both Megan and Kristin
  • Bonus interpretations and takes from collaborators around the world
  • Design and documentation tips with each project from Megan and Kristin

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