Book of Me Bootcamp


Create a full blueprint to create your very own Book of Me exactly the way you’ve dreamed up.

Free for Feminist Scrapbook School students!


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Book of Me is one of the most loved classes here at the ALP. I’ve been teaching a version of Book of Me for more than five years, and every year we create something amazing. With our transition into Feminist Scrapbook School, I wanted to ensure everyone had a solid foundation as we go into this year’s Book of Me workshop starting on March 1st (or whenever you choose to jump into your Book of Me project).

This is where our Book of Me Bootcamp comes in!

Book of Me Bootcamp is the latest workshop available inside the ALP’s Feminist Scrapbook School.

Inside this brand-new workshop, you’ll find info on all of the important stuff surrounding Book of Me: why, what, how.

This course was originally recorded as a live weekend event, where we went through my entire Book of Me prep process, step-by-step. It’s now all available in bite-size videos, where you can pick and choose the ones that matter to you the most. And when you’re done, you’ll have a full blueprint to move on and create your very own Book of Me exactly the way you’ve dreamed up.

Inside this bootcamp are tons of resources to help you start your Book of Me voyage. It’s set up with lots of short videos and worksheets, so that you can go directly to what you need help with right now.

There’s also the full Book of Me Blueprint PDF with all the same info from the bootcamp videos (including the worksheets) if reading is your preferred learning style.

This course is included in the Feminist Scrapbook School here at the Awesome Ladies Project. For more information click here.