Book of Me Bootcamp + Prep Weekend


Embark on a Journey of Self-Expression and Creativity


Live Run: January 27th & 28th, 2024

This weekend is about embracing and expressing your story in ways you haven’t before. Whether you’ve been scrapbooking for years or just getting the hang of it, you’re going to walk away with tons of ideas, connections, and a burst of inspiration.

Ready to make 2024 your most creatively fulfilling year yet? Come join us for a weekend where your story takes center stage. Let’s make some feminist scrapbooking magic together!

On the Agenda:

  • Guidance from the Pros: Kristin and her team are here to walk you through setting up your 2024 Book of Me. We’re talking pages that truly speak to you and your stories.
  • Hands-On Fun: Roll up your sleeves in our workshops. You’ll craft some key pages: a catchy cover, a this is me name page, and a super cool interactive page for your special memories.
  • Real Talks: We’ll tackle topics like busting through creative blocks, weaving in your feminist vibes, and how to make your 2024 album stand out.
  • Community Discussions: Share and mingle with fellow scrapbookers. It’s all about exchanging ideas and soaking up new inspiration.