30 Days of Showing Up 2023: Scrap Daily Pages


Create a new habit, document your life, and show up for yourself for 30 days straight.

Whether you’ve never scrapbooked a day in your life or you’re ready to start making time for yourself, your stories and your creative habit.

You are going to learn to show up in a way that works for you and your own life.

*Free for ALP Feminist Scrapbook School Students*


Your story matters, and crafting a creative habit is one of the best ways to start showing up and telling the world you’re here. 

Join us for 30 Days of Showing Up

This course is made up of three main parts:

  • Pre-Recorded Video Lessons
  • Daily Inspiration & Mini-Prompts
  • Course Community

Pre-Recorded Video Lessons

Pre-Recorded Video Lessons are where you get all the thoughts and ideas about how to show up and construct a creative practice that works for you and your life. These lessons will be impactful no matter your creative practice. 

These lessons are available inside the classroom as soon as you join. You get to decide on the pace of this workshop. You can watch all the videos up front, take them one week at a time, or take as much time as you need. 

Daily Inspiration & Mini Prompts

There are 30 mini-lessons inside the 30-Days of Showing Up classroom. Daily Page inspiration and a mini-prompt are inside each lesson. You can do one each day, several simultaneously, or skip around until you find one that suits you. 

These lessons are designed to help you start your Daily Page if you feel stuck and unsure about what you want to do that day. I highly encourage you to create whatever you want, whenever you want, on whatever day you want.

Use these lessons in whatever way works best for you.

If you want to use Day #3’s lesson five times in a row — that’s awesome. If you wish to do Currently List on Mondays like me (and a bunch of the ALP community), skip the Monday lessons and return to them later.

Course Community

Included in this course is access to our exclusive 30 Days of Showing Up — Scrap Daily Pages course community. This community is where you can share your pages, ask questions, and talk about your wins and struggles — all with people who get it.

This is not a social media group on some big corporate-owned site — it’s our own app. And only students of the course can see what gets shared inside our group.

This community was created so that you would feel safe sharing your projects, your learnings, and your stories. I’m excited you’re here for the journey.

*This course is included in the Feminist Scrapbook School (formerly ALP All-Access Club) membership curriculum. FSS member & not seeing it as $0? Send a message to @rukristin or @boofasten so we can fix it for you!