Sample Monthly Mini Storytelling Workshop

Here’s a sample version of our Monthly Mini-Storytelling Workshop! Each month, we release a new storytelling theme workshop. This sample workshop is based off our January 2017 Storytelling Theme: Right Now.

Each workshop comes with

  • Audio/Video lesson
  • PDF workbook
  • Three Challenge Prompts (photo, words, and style)
  • Team Inspiration with private Blog Posts and Tutorials
  • Storytelling Theme Forum
  • and a private Workshop Gallery

Each of our Monthly Mini Storytelling Workshops will also be made available as self-paced workshops and added to the VIP Library of Resources to come back to at any time.

Click here to learn more about everything else that’s included in the Awesome Ladies VIP mastermind program.

this month's theme

Welcome to the VIP Monthly Mini-Workshop. This month’s theme is Right Now. 

Our mini-workshops are broken down into three sections:

  1. Learn: The goal of the Learn section of our monthly mini-workshops is to inform and educate on our monthly topic.
  2. Practice: The goal of the Practice section of our monthly mini-workshops is to hone our basic life-documenting skills through our three monthly challenges. 
  3. ExploreThe goal of the Explore section of our monthly mini-workshop is to illuminate and inspire through our monthly topic. 

Our Awesome Ladies Team is here to help guide you through each month’s theme. Included in the monthly workshop is a workbook, audio/video lesson, monthly challenges, private forums and more.

In the Learn Section we exercise our heads through a short audio/video lesson and coordinating workbook. In this month’s lesson, I discuss Right Now, our storytelling theme and what it means to our creative storytelling lives.

Watch the video and download the workbook to get started with this month’s storytelling theme. The Awesome Ladies Learn Team provides additional inspiration with private blog posts on our topic throughout the month.

Awesome Ladies Workbook January Right Now

[fvplayer src=”″ width=”1280″ height=”720″]

After you’ve watched this month’s video and flipped through workbook, we’d love it if you head over to the Right Now storytelling forum and join our discussion on this month’s topic. Feel free to start a post about your own Right Now documenting thoughts and experiences.

Section Two Practice


Mirror Selfie. The mirror selfie is the easiest selfie to take. Get in front of a mirror and start snapping photos. Try out different poses, different smiles, and different faces. Remember to look for the camera lens in the mirror for the best outcome.

For this challenge use a mirror selfie in one of your projects.


List Journaling: Top Five. List journaling is an easy way to get your thoughts down onto the page without having to worry about full sentences and punctuation.

For this challenge, use a top five journaling list in one of your projects.


Patterned Paper. Patterned paper is one of the workhorses in the scrapbooking world. It comes in all shapes and sizes and there’s some patterned paper for even the pickiest among us. Maybe you love layering patterned paper, or using it to pop off your white space, patterned paper uses are endless.

For this challenge, use patterned paper as one of the main focal points in your project.

Section Three Explore

What does your right now life look like?

What right now stories do you want to tell?

How will these stories manifest in your Personal Awesome Ladies Project?

Hey Awesome Ladies! Click on the gallery image below to go to this month’s Project Gallery. We’d love if you add your Right Now inspired Personal Awesome Ladies Projects projects to our Monthly Storytelling Gallery and share the stories and projects of your Awesome Lady life with us.

Interact with the Awesome Ladies

The Awesome Ladies are all about community, and here in our private VIP space we want you to feel both comfortable and excited to share your voice with us.

For each storytelling workshop, we have a forum for structured discussions and a gallery to share our creative projects. Please feel free to share anything you’re thinking about this month’s theme or any part of your Personal Awesome Ladies Project.

Right-Now Posts from the Team


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