Strength | Photo Challenge

Happy March! Our fourth lens is strength. This month we’re going to be taking a look at how the way our vision of strength is embodied in our stories and the stories of the women who have come before us.

What is the ALP Lens + Challenges?

Each month, we’ll take a look at a new theme (Collective VIPs are emailed a copy of the Lens micro-magazine on the 1st with an advance copy of all the challenges + bonus content) and use that theme to take a look at the world around us.

Challenges are published here on the blog for all ALP Collective members on Friday mornings. There will be a photo challenge, a paper challenge, a memorabilia challenge, and a feminist quote challenge. This does not mean you should be completing four lens projects a month. Just that you should challenge yourself four times a month to be creative with this work.

To succeed at the photo challenge — take a photograph. If you choose to use that photograph in another creative storytelling project, later on, that’s awesome. These photo challenges are designed to get you taking photographs.

Strength | Photo Challenge

Take a photo of your self showing how you are strong, or take a pictures of one of your unique strengths.

You can also choose to take a picture of someone else who exhibits the strengths that you admire.

Share your challenge projects with us! Upload your photos/projects to your ALP gallery and drop a link in the comments below.

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