People | Memorabilia Challenge

Hey Ladies and welcome back to our third monthly lens — people. I thought this was a great lens to coordinate with our Galentines Festival. With this lens, I wanted us to take a look at the people around us, and see how they play a role in our own stories.

Each month, we take a look at a new theme (Collective VIPs are sent the Lens micro-magazine on the 1st of the month with an advance copy of all the challenges + bonus content) and use that theme to take a look at the world around us.

These challenges are published here on Friday mornings. We’ve got a photo challenge, a paper challenge, a memorabilia challenge, and a feminist quote challenge. Use these challenges as motivation and inspiration. Not to add to your creative to-do pile.

These memorabilia challenges are designed to get you working with the bits and pieces of your life. Just as the photo challenges are designed to get you taking photos and the paper challenges are designed to get you playing with paper.

To succeed at this memorabilia challenge — find the bits and pieces of your life that fit this challenge. Don’t worry about using it in a project right now, but if you do later on, that’s awesome too.

People | Memorabilia Challenge

Use/find/gather a piece of memorabilia from a place that you go to reflect on things. Add it to your keepsake box.

Think about wherever you go with your people; food, adventures, or anything else you love doing with your people.

Share your challenge projects with us! Upload your photos/projects to your ALP gallery and drop a link in the comments below.

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