March Lens: Patterned Paper

Let’s dive into the world of patterned paper with our latest issue of the Lens Mini-Magazine! If you’re a paid Substack subscriber or a member of the Feminist Scrapbook School, this digital delight is included in your membership, brimming with patterned paper-inspired creativity.

Here’s a glimpse of what this month has in store for you:

  1. A Kaleidoscope of Patterned Paper: This issue of Lens Magazine celebrates our collective affection for patterned paper. Packed with creative prompts, thoughtful reflection questions, and a plethora of patterned paper-focused ideas, every page invites you to ignite your creativity with these colorful and versatile materials.
  2. Daily Pages with a Colorful Twist: Dive into 5 uniquely crafted Daily Pages challenges, each designed to encourage you to weave patterned paper into your scrapbooking in innovative and significant ways.
  3. Book of Me – Patterned Paper Edition: Lean into our monthly narrative and style prompts, urging you to craft at least one page in your Book of Me, highlighting how patterned paper can narrate your distinct tale.
  4. Creative Team Inspirations: Be dazzled by our talented creative team’s contributions this month, presenting breathtaking projects that interpret the patterned paper theme through diverse and imaginative lenses.

Daily Page by Jessy

This Month: The Enchantment of Patterned Paper

Join us in the enchanting world of patterned paper! The magazine is filled to the brim with ideas centered around this theme, from discovering fresh ways to incorporate patterned paper into your Daily Pages challenges to learning how these vibrant sheets can revolutionize your Book of Me entries. Don’t let this month’s reflective questions pass you by.

  • Share and Connect: We’re eager to see your interpretations of these sticker-themed prompts and challenges. Showcase your work here on the ALP website/app and interact with our amazing community.
  • Reflect and Engage: Each issue includes deep-thinking reflection questions. Join our forum discussions, sharing your sticker experiences and insights.

Getting Your Hands on the Lens Mini-Magazine

Feminist Scrapbook School students can find this month’s Lens Mag in our expanded Lens Classroom.

Your passion for storytelling and creativity is the heart of this community. The refreshed FSS Lens Magazine is here to inspire, support, and celebrate your scrapbooking journey, sticker by sticker. Let’s turn each page into something we love!


Kristin and the ALP Team

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