Joy | Memorabilia Challenge

Thanks so much for joining us for the first of our new challenges here on the ALP blog. Going into 2019, I wanted our premium content to be both immediately accessible for all scrapbookers and fun to succeed at no matter what your skill level was.

Enter our Monthly Lens themes. Each month, we’ll take a look at a new theme (Collective VIPs are emailed a copy of the Lens micro-magazine on the 1st with an advance copy of all the challenges + bonus content) and use that theme to take a look at the world around us.

Challenges will be published here on the blog for all ALP Collective members on Friday mornings. There will be a photo challenge, a paper challenge, a memorabilia challenge, and a feminist quote challenge. This does not mean you should be doing four projects a month. 

To succeed at this memorabilia challenge — find the bits and pieces of your life that fit this challenge. Start by creating a keepsake box if you don’t have one. It can be a shoebox, a plastic container, a ziplock bag, a space in your drawer, anything you want. Just start collecting the fun bits and peices of your life (memorabilia) and putting it in your keepsake box. Don’t worry about using it in a project right now, but if you do later on, that’s awesome too.

These memorabilia challenges are designed to get you working with the bits and pieces of your life. Just as the photo challenges are designed to get you taking photos and the paper challenges are designed to get you playing with paper.

Joy Memorabilia Challenge

Use/find/gather the stuff from a favorite place or event. Think ticket stubs, fun packaging, or any fun bits you accumulated during an adventure.

Share your challenge projects with us! Upload your photos/projects to your ALP gallery and drop a link in the comments below.

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  1. I am going to use this challenge as a good reason to make some sort of ‘memory box’. I keep lots of bits of memorabilia, but I don’t have a specific place to put them so they tend to get shoved anywhere amongst my craft stuff and then forgotten about!

  2. Kate, What a great idea. I am preparing to downsize my studio and I know there are bits and pieces of joy tucked here and there. I have now found a box for them and wanted to thank you.