100 days of all about me

What is 100 Days of All About Me?

100 Days of All About Me is an Awesome Ladies Project written by rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker, dedicated to cultivating a simple habit of thinking about your all about me stories. Maybe you joined us back when this was a free email challenge, maybe you’ve picked up the PDF in the Awesome Ladies VIP Vault, or maybe you’ve found us via another source

I’m super glad that you’re playing along with the 100 Days of All About Me project!

This is about you and your life.
So obviously you get to make the rules. I just put together the project. You get to do the work.

Don’t worry if you get stuck along the way. We are here to help you out, and remember, everyone has their own path to take. What looks like a hurdle at first can turn out to be exactly the creative inspiration we need to tell our stories.


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