Intro to Feminist Scrapbooking



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You’re awesome & you’ve got stories that deserve to be told. 

What is Feminist Scrapbooking?

Feminist scrapbooking is about telling the stories of our lives and of our generation.

We document our lives because we are the best humans to do the job.

We take photographs, words, and bits of our lives and we turn them into beautiful creative representations of our experiences here on Earth.

Feminist scrapbooking celebrates the diversity of women. We learn so much more about ourselves not only when we tell our stories, but when we watch AND LISTEN to other women tell their stories.

What will you learn in this workshop?

You Are Awesome & Your Story Matters
You are awesome and you have amazing stories to tell. If you’re taking physical scraps of your life, whether it be photos, journaling, memorabilia, pretty paper, artwork, or anything else, and putting that together into a book/album, you’re a feminist scrapbooker.

Leaning In & Learning to Love Your Selfies
In this lesson, we’re going to discuss two things, leaning into feminist scrapbooking, and deciding that your life is worth documenting; and then using photographs (especially selfies) as a tool for documenting your feminist scrapbooking journey.

Avoiding Pitfalls & Tackling Words
In this lesson, we chat about two things. First, a few of the most common pitfalls of feminist scrapbooking and what you can do to avoid them. Then, how we can use those techniques to tackle the words and journaling in your stories.

Documenting the Right-Now & Crafting Your Personal Style
In this lesson, I emphasize the importance of documenting the right now and help you start crafting your personal feminist scrapbooking style.

Becoming the Best Version of Your Storytelling Self
To finish up our time together here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions on feminist scrapbooking, documenting your life, and how to become the best version of your storytelling self.


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