What are Hangouts?

When I started the Awesome Ladies Project in 2013, it was a small monthly challenge to spend two hours a month working on a project that makes you feel like an awesome lady. Over the past few years, that one challenge has turned into a community of like-minded, incredible women, who come together with prompts, workshops, and so many other resources.

I wanted to bring back that specific challenge for us to spend two hours a month to work on a project that makes each of us feel like an awesome lady and poof — hangouts were born. Twice a month, once on Sunday mornings (all times EST) and once on Tuesday evenings, I lead a video chat where we come together and work on whatever creative project we want to bring to the table. Whether you want to use the time to catch up on projects that you’re working on, or start something brand new. I want this time to be the time where we hang out together and feel awesome.

What are hangouts?

Hangouts are live video, audio, and text get-togethers with the Awesome Ladies led by rukristin and open to all VIP Collective members. The idea behind hangouts is to come together and spend some time working on a project that makes you feel like an awesome lady. You can use this time to work on ALP prompts or any other creative projects you’d love to bring along.

How do I join in?

Sign up to be a VIP Collective Member, and then join in on the 2nd Sunday and 4th Tuesday of the Month! Hangouts take place on Zoom and can be accessed via PC, Mac, your phone, or tablet. Direct links to the hangouts are available on the Hangouts page or by clicking on the Hangouts button in the left side BuddyPanel. You do not have to be on video, or talk on audio in order to participate. You are free to just come in and watch, or text chat alongside. Please note, hangouts are recorded and saved for VIP Collective Members. you can watch previous hangout videos on the hangouts page, even if you can’t hangout at the scheduled time.

When do hangouts take place?

Hangouts are 60 minutes long and take place every 2nd Sunday of the month at 11 am EST and also every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 pm EST.

Sign up for VIP Collective Membership and join in on the fun of Hangouts!

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