Welcome to the Awesome Ladies Community!

Welcome to the Awesome Ladies Community! We are so glad that you’re here embarking on your Awesome Ladies journey with us. Being an Awesome Lady is about telling your story and choosing to be brave through creative self-discovery. Everyone is welcome, from traditional scrapbookers to mini-album makers, photographers, journalers, and more. No matter who you are or what your life looks like, The Awesome Ladies are here for you.

the awesome ladies project

The Awesome Ladies Project is a self-documenting challenge designed to help you documenting your life on your terms. There is no right way or wrong way to document your life. It’s yours and you make the decisions. The ALP exists to encourage and empower women through self-storytelling. No matter what your life looks like, you’re awesome and your stories deserve to be documented in a way that makes you feel awesome. We’re here to help

When you join the Awesome Ladies Community, you have access to an intimate community of women who are passionate about creative self-storytelling.  Our incredible team, representing more than a dozen countries around the world, will educate, inspire, support, and guide you each month. They’ll be sharing advice in our forums, tutorials on our blog, and resources throughout the Awesome Ladies Community, as well as progress on their own personal Awesome Ladies Projects.

With your Free Awesome Ladies Membership, you have access to our state of the art feminist scrapbook community. This site was built from the ground up with the modern memory-keeper in mind. We have groups for your favorite activities, forums for structured discussions, a robust personal profile and newsfeed where you can update the Awesome Ladies as often as you’d like. Make friends from all over the globe who are also interested in documenting their awesome lady lives.

Join our free community today and rock the stories of your awesome lady life.

PS — Looking for more? In the Awesome Ladies VIP community, we enhance The Awesome Ladies Project challenge through monthly self-storytelling themes, private mini-workshops, exclusive products, and more.

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  1. I’m sticking to whatever happens in a monthly type format.
    Will allow myself to mix super simple with more extravagant where it “calls me” and not feel guilty
    I’m going to edit and print from phone/iPad but weekly (change from last year so I don’t get bogged down)
    I want to add more digital words from AE story stamps
    I want to learn to encorporate more of my old 12×12 stash (need to organize) only get AE kits

  2. I love your video. The way you recorded it and the story you tell are fabulous. It makes me wish my kids were still little for all of this great new technology to capture their stories.

    1. I am debating about that. I think it will end up being a mix of working some of the ALP project in with PL while others may end up in an album just about me. That’s the great thing about 3 ring binder albums. I can move everything around until I am happy with it.