Want to Write for the ALP Blog?

The Awesome Ladies Project is looking for talented writers and crafters for the Awesome Ladies Collective blog.

Do you have ideas, opinions, and/or tutorials that fit in with the Awesome Ladies brand ethos and align with our feminist scrapbooking, tell your story, women’s empowerment mission? You should apply for the Awesome Ladies Ambassador Program and start writing for us today.

Ambassadors are given the opportunity to write for the Awesome Ladies Collective blog during their term. After the initial post is published, ambassadors are given the opportunity to write additional posts for $5-10 per published post.

Blog Post Requirements

  • One single topic or idea
  • 500-1000 words (If your post is longer, we can turn it into a blog series)
  • At least one photo sized at 1200x1200px or larger (must be well lit and in focus)
  • Text free of spelling and grammatical errors

We’ll be editing your post for clarity, grammar, and readability. So for those of you who might be concerned that you don’t have the writing skills, or your style doesn’t match ours, that’s okay! It’s important that we have a variety of voices, project styles, and different women speaking here on the ALP blog. So if you want to write for us, I really encourage you to apply for the Awesome Ladies Ambassador Program and pitch us your first blog post today.

In addition to writing for the ALP blog, there are some other really awesome benefits you get as a member of the Awesome Ladies Ambassador Program. Here’s a quick list of what you’ll recieve:


  • 20% Discount on your choice of membership
  • Monthly Ambassador Video Chat meetings
  • Opportunity to join Awesome Ladies Affiliate Program (earn $$ by telling your friends about us!)
  • Private Discord Channel for Ambassadors

If you have any questions, please contact me at ru*******@ru*******.com.

Apply Today


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