Start Your First ALP Gallery & Upload Your First Project Today

In the Awesome Ladies Project, everyone has their own personal gallery space. The space is located inside your member page ( your username is), and is marked ‘gallery’. Here you can create a new gallery to share your projects with the rest of the Awesome Ladies.

To view projects from other Awesome Ladies, you can go to the Galleries main page, which has a list of every public gallery created at the ALP. You can also navigate to a member’s page to view their public galleries.

In today’s tutorial, I’ll teach you how to create your very first gallery and upload your first project to the ALP.

gallery how to

Step One:

You can access your personal ALP gallery by going to your member page and clicking the gallery button. This is also how you’ll view other ALP member’s galleries.

You can also access your personal gallery through the avatar drop down menu. Hover over the avatar and select the gallery link. (not shown)

How to upload to gallery

Step Two:

Click on Create a Gallery to get started on your first gallery.

Awesome Ladies Project

Step Three:

Next you’ll see the following page come up. This is where you create the gallery. A gallery is a collection of photos. You don’t need to create a separate gallery for each photograph/project, but you can if you’d like!

Our suggestion is to create a gallery for each project you’d like to share and add any close-ups, detail shots, or supporting photos inside the gallery.

Page Layout:

  1. Type: this is where you’ll choose which type of gallery you want to create. For your first gallery, go ahead and choose photo (which should be the default)
  2. Status: this is where you’ll choose who can see this gallery. Options include: Public/Private/Logged in users only/Friends only. These are all pretty self-explanatory. Remember that you can request to be friends with another member by going to their personal profile page and clicking on the Add Friend button.
  3. Title: this is where the title of your gallery goes. For your first gallery we suggest the title: [your username]’s Gallery; for example, mine is rukristin’s Gallery. This will let everyone know that this is your main gallery.
  4. Description: this is the description of your gallery goes. For your first gallery, you can put whatever you’d like here. We suggest that you write a little bit about your style, or just mention that this is your main gallery and the projects that you like to work on.
  5. Create: this is the button you click on to finish everything up and publish your gallery to the Awesome Ladies Project.
Awesome Ladies

Step Four:

After you create your gallery, you’ll be taken directly to the Add Media page of the gallery. From here you can start to upload photos to your gallery. Start by clicking on the select files button as shown above.

Awesome Ladies

Step Five:

Once you choose your photographs from the file manager, they’ll upload to the ALP and you’ll see them as small thumbnails above the upload box.

At this point you have two options:

  1. View: you can click the view button and go directly to viewing your newly created gallery.
  2. Edit Media: clicking the edit media button will bring up a new page, which will allow you to give each photograph it’s own title and description.

You can also upload more photos by clicking the select files button at the bottom.

The awesome ladies project gallery

Step Six (optional):

If you clicked on the Edit Media button on the previous screen, you’ll be directed to this page. Each of your photos will appear on the left side and your view/title/description boxes are on the right (underneath on some mobile devices).

Here you can edit the title and description for each of your photos. This is completely optional, but this is a great place to tell us a little bit more about your project. We’d love to know why you made it, what supplies you used, what the inspiration was, or anything you’d like to tell us.

When you’re finished, click on the update button (either at the top or bottom of the screen).

The Awesome Ladies Project Gallery

Step Seven:

This is what your finished gallery will look like! Only you will be able to see the edit/delete options. When you visit other ALP galleries, you’ll see a view link there, letting you view each individual photo of the gallery.

You can leave comments both on the gallery itself, and each individual photograph.

Thanks so much for checking out how to create your first gallery here at The Awesome Ladies Project. We can’t wait to see what you create.


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