All About Stamp Glamp 2023

Stamp Glamp 2023

February 1st-5th, 2023

$10 or free with Stamp Glamp (or full) Bundle

Retreat Opens on February 1st with activities and pre-recorded content

Live Classes Saturday, February 4th, and Sunday, February 5th

What is Stamp Glamp?

Join us for a glam weekend of stamping, scrapbooking, storytelling, and hanging out with friends, relaxing around the virtual campfire.

What’s included in Stamp Glamp 2023:

  • Six brand new live stamping workshops from rukristin
  • The Stamp Glamp Digital Knapsack w/printables, playlists, and more.
  • Exclusive Stamp Glamp Campground Access (private group)
  • Access to The Stamp Glamp Campfire (private retreat Zoom room)
  • Learn to Stamp Email Course (optional — for beginner stampers)

Live Class Sessions Schedule

Supplies Needed for all Stamp Glamp 2023 classes: black ink, stamp blocks, and your preferred stamp cleaning supplies. This stamp bundle includes all featured stamp sets and free shipping (& free bonus upgrade to priority shipping through 2/1).

rukristin will be demonstrating using Daily Pages — but all of these techniques can be easily translated to other projects, including traditional layouts, art journaling, travelers’ notebooks, and more!


Noon ET: 5 Tips for Stamping Inside Your Daily Pages Notebooks (Featured Stamp Set: Daily Pages)

Are you nervous about how to start stamping in your Daily Pages notebook? Here are five favorite tips for stamping in Daily Pages (or any notebook). We’ll go through different hands-on ways that you can bring stamping into your Daily Pages habit and level up your stamping skills.

In this workshop, learn multiple ways to use your favorite stamps on a regular basis. You’ll be using your stuff, having fun, and becoming a better artist. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you’ll leave this class with something new in your toolbox.

Supplies Needed: your favorite stamp sets, white cardstock, and quick-drying inks in your favorite colors.

1pm ET: Creating Unique Colorful Patterns with Stamping & Precision Cutting (Featured Stamp Set: Shapes)

Do you like colors, shapes, and patterns? This is the workshop for you. We’ll be creating various patterns with different shapes and papers for a look that you can repeat a million times and will never look the same twice.

In this workshop, learn how to create unique colorful geometric patterns out of simple stamped and precision-cut shapes. These patterns can then be used as bases for page backgrounds, tags, cards, or anything where you need a bit of interest or a pop of color. You’ll be able to create infinite patterns once you know the technique!

Supplies Needed: a stamp set with geometric shapes (like this one), white and a few different colors of cardstock, and quick drying inks in your favorite colors.

2 pm ET: Using a Stamping Platform to Help Battle Your Inner Perfectionist (Featured Stamp Sets: Seneca alpha & Seneca alpha outline)

Does stamping feel difficult because of perfectionist tendencies? Even though stamping is an imperfect art, it’s normal to feel the pulls of perfection at times. Stamping platforms (rukristin uses a MISTI*) are a helpful tool for making end result look the way you had imagined.

In this workshop, learn how to create beautifully lined-up titles with ease. No more worrying if your ink doesn’t come out perfectly the first time because the stamping platform lets us stamp down again in the exact same place.

These stamping platforms can take some of the scare-ies out of just starting to throw down your stamps for a long title or journaling. This workshop will show you how to use a stamping platform so you’ll know if it’s right for you or how to get started with the one you’ve got!

Supplies Needed: a stamping platform (if you have one), alpha stamp sets (solid and outline if you have them), white cardstock, and quick-drying inks in your favorite colors.


Noon ET: Breaking the blank page with journaling stamps (Featured Stamp Set: Currently 4×6)

Ever feel like the blank page can just be so overwhelming? Me too! That’s why I created the #CurrentlyList journaling challenge – and every time I make anything inspired by Currently, I always think about how we’re going to break away from the blank page.

In this workshop, learn techniques for making the blank page less daunting, and using your stamps to journal the stories that you want to tell. You’ll leave this workshop with ways to document your life, even when your mind is blank.

Supplies Needed: your favorite journaling stamps (especially Currently stamps), any cardstock or patterned paper with lines, and quick drying inks in your favorite colors.

1 pm ET: Getting the most out of metallic inks (Featured Stamp Set: Feminist)

Don’t metallic inks look awesome sometimes? The look of silver and gold inks can really make a project pop. Did you know that there are specific tips and techniques that can help you get the most out of your metallic inks, in order to make your stamp projects look fabulous?

In this workshop, learn the top tips for using metallic inks on your projects. We’ll be talking about how to get the cleanest images, how to make sure your stamped image is sparkly, and what to do in order to prevent smearing. You’ll leave this workshop well informed on all things metallic ink!

Supplies Needed: your favorite stamp set, white cardstock (black cardstock optional), metallic inks in any colors

2 pm ET: Getting yourself onto the page (Featured Stamp Set: Thursday3)

Your story matters, and sometimes you need a good excuse to get yourself on the page. Stamping is a really great excuse to play around and tell your story at the same time. Through simple #Thursday3 stamped selfie pages – whether in Daily Pages, Book of Me, or other story albums, you’ll have a simple page template to tell the stories of your right now life.

In this workshop, learn how to create simple pages that document who you are right now. Complete with photo, journaling, and stamping. You’ll leave this workshop with ideas for multiple pages in this format that you’ll be able to document throughout the year, in whatever style scrapbook you make!

Supplies Needed: stamp set with numbers, stamp set with frames, cardstock, quick drying inks in your favorite colors.

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