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June Updates!

Check out the latest updates here at The Awesome Ladies Project!

We’ve got big updates to both the desktop site and the app. Everything got a little bit of a re-fresh, new icons, new menus, and more. The two versions of the ALP site now look and feel even more seamless!

We’ve also added a brand new course: Welcome to the ALP, and you get a badge upon completion!

Details on everything you need to know down below ⬇


New Welcome Guide PDF

Originally the Welcome Course, Guide, and Badge was just going to be a simple downloadable PDF.

And this project got a little bit larger every time we talked about it. So, now even the PDF is super-charged. It comes with *lots* of links, and everything you need to know to get started at the ALP right this second.

You can download the PDF and view it anywhere — and printing (and shrinking) the cover of the PDF is great for your Daily Pages or whatever size you’re scrapbooking in right now.

New Welcome Course + Badge for Completion

Complete this intro course to learn all about The Awesome Ladies Project Community and earn your first ALP Badge!

Click through the lessons, mark them done as you finish, and get automatically rewarded when you’ve completed the course!

App Tab Bar Re-Fresh

One of the biggest changes the tabs on the bottom of the app!

ALP App Tab Bar. Shows Icons with display names at the bottom.

We’ve put the Feed all the way over on the left, so it’s the first thing that loads when you open the app. The home page is right in the middle (and looking quite different). And we’ve added a Club tab for easier access to all the ALP All Access resources.

The Discussion tab and More tab remain unchanged.

New Home Page for App

The Home page on the app got a big make over!

We’ve debuted a new look for the first time since the launch of the app in October. This new page will help new members feel welcome and get started more quickly; and it will help regular users of the app keep in touch with monthly updates and the important resources they use on a consistent basis.

The Home Page now links to several new pages including the podcast, Clean-a-Long, and others.

New Home Page for ALP Desktop

The desktop version of the Home Page got a refresh too!

In our next mini-update, you’ll see a slightly different Home Page when you’re logged in, then the one that is up right now. Which is a big page asking you to join the community! But if you’re already in the community, we want to provide you with the updates and information that will help you walk your path through this community in your best way.

Look for that update in the coming weeks.

New Menus

One of our biggest updates is to the menus.

The menus got a refresh in several different places on the site. Depending on where you’re reading this blog post, you’ll only notice a few of these changes. This is a great time to check out the ALP in all it’s different forms!

Try out both the Desktop & App (mobile is bleh) and see what you like on both versions.

New All Access Club App page for quick access

There is a brand new All Access Club page (and tab) on the app!

The second tab on the bottom of the app (Club) with the scissors icon, is a brand new page — making it easier for All Access Club members to find our most loved resources even easier! It has quick access to the Daily Pages Livestream and Share, quick access to our Friday Night Festivities (ALP Weekly Review and the rukristin Pajama Party Hangout), quick access to Book of Me, and more.

And if you’re not already a member, it’s easy to sign up right on the page.

Changes to the Side Panel on Desktop

Another big change is to our large side panel here on the desktop (aka the buddy panel).

We’ve moved things around to make them more user friendly, easier to understand, and more inline with the way things look on the app. This panel is similar to what you’ll find in the ‘more’ tab on the app — some of our most used and loved links around the ALP.

Here’s a rundown of where each link/button will take you:


Feed: This is the activity/news feed. It shows a feed of everything that’s happening around the site. It’s also the easiest place for you to upload pictures of your projects!

Calendar: This is where all the ALP Events are stored! You can find out what’s coming up and sync events to your own calendars!

Forums: This is where all our long-term discussions take place. We’ve got lots of different forums for different topics, come check out the ones that you’re interested in!

Gallery: This is where the inspiration lives! Photos that are uploaded to the activity feed are automatically placed in the ALP gallery — you can come here, browse the gallery, and leave comments on your favorite photos!

Members: This is a listing of everyone in the community. Find friends, connect with other members, and more!


Courses: This is where you’ll find all the ALP classes — both free and those included with the ALP All Access Club

Podcast: This is where you can find the Crafty Ass Female podcast and all the latest episodes!

Blog: This is the link to the blog — you’re reading it right now!


Library: This is the Library of Resources — there are several different areas in the LoR, many of which are updated and added to on a regular basis!

Clubhouse: This is the All Access Club private Zoom Room. Most of our events are held here!

Join the Club: If you’re not already an ALP All Access Club Member, this is where you sign up.

My Membership: If you need to make changes to your membership, this is where you do it!

Daily Pages Re-Watch & Share

Starting @erika74 will be hosting our first Daily Pages Re-Watch at 7am ET!

Here’s what’ll go down each day according to Erika:

We will watch the previous day’s Daily Pages, creating along side Kristin (i.e., we will watch Monday Currently List on Tuesday, and so on). Then, we will share what we have made with each other. (Remember sharing is voluntary.)

Link’s to each day’s Daily Pages Re-Watch will be on the calendar!

If you have any questions about this month’s update — shoot @rukristin a DM and she’ll get back to you with the best answers she has!

Happy June!

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  1. I was gone for 2 days, (I was feeling a little off), I come back and wow! At first I was wondering where my activity feed went, then saw this. It looks so wonderful!