Introducing Lens: Joy

Hey Everyone!

As we are headed into 2019, I’m excited to be sharing with you the new version of our premium content.

What to expect

With these monthly themes (lenses), I want us to take a look at the world around us through the viewpoint of our word. Through photos, paper, and the bits that make up our lives, we are going to explore our stories one lens at a time.

If you’re a Collective VIP Member

  • On the first of the month, you’ll get an email with the monthly challenges inside of a new micro magazine called Lens
  • You’ll get early access to the three challenges: photo, paper, & memorabilia (included in Lens)
  • You’ll get early access to the feminist quote + introspection (included in Lens)
  • Lens micro-magazine will be available via the Library of Resources
  • and everything below

If you’re a Collective Member

  • Each week, on Friday, a new post will go up on the ALP Blog with one of this month’s Lens challenge
  • The Discord channel has two great places to start the discussion. In the #clubhouse channel, we’ll be chatting about what Joy means for our stories. In the #challenges channel, we’ll be sharing the photos, projects, and whatever else

If you’re not yet an ALP Collective or VIP member you can sign up or upgrade here today!

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