Kelly Purkey Closing Shop

Kelly Purkey announced today that she will be closing up her online shop Kelly Purkey Shop in April 2020. She will be releasing two final kits for February and moving onto a new career path.

Owning a business is hard. Growing a business is hard. Being a person who is the business is extremely challenging, and has been a ginormous struggle for an introvert like me. I wanted to be a scrapbooker that took a million photos, saved every scrap of paper, designed cool things that nobody else was doing… then somehow I ended up owning a small business that continued to grow bigger.

I’m extremely fortunate that everything I’ve dreamed of doing & accomplishing truly has come true. Now feels like the right time to move on to focus on dreams & accomplishments in a new career path. I’m sad to be closing this chapter, but completely ecstatic to be opening up my life to a second act.

Kelly Purkey — Newsletter 12/27/2019

Kelly makes amazing products — stamps especially, so make sure to pick some up before her shop closes this spring.

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