Harvest Fest Schedule

Harvest Crop Festival Schedule of Events

All events are taking place here at theawesomeladiesproject.com. Challenges will be posted at the beginning of the festival inside the Harvest Fest forum. All live events will have a corresponding blog post that will go up and give you the link to the live recording (as well as where the video recording will live later on). We will be chatting all weekend long in the brand new Special Event discord channel which will premiere on Friday 10/26 with the opening of Harvest Fest.

Friday, October 26th

(all times Eastern Daylight Time — Use New York City as a reference in Time Zone Calculator)

3pm: Kickoff — Intro Blog Post with links to all challenges, rules, and new discord chat channel for Harvest Fest. All challenges will be posted in the Harvest Fest forum

4pm: Tutorial — Stamping + Watercoloring

5pm: Forum Game — Photo Scavenger Hunt

6pm: Harvest Fest Currently List Share + Exclusive free Harvest Fest Currently Card Download

7pm: Movie — Coraline (on Netflix) I’ll be live chatting + scrapping in Discord

11pm: Forum Game — Scattergories

Saturday, October 27th

10:30am:Demonstration — Morning Pages

11am: Forum Game: ALP Trivia

Noon: Harvest Fest Hangout (video chat on Zoom — just like the regular Hangouts)

2pm: Tutorial — Orphaned Photos Mini Book

5pm: Forum Game — All About Me

7pm: Movie — Coco (on Netflix) I’ll be live chatting + scrapping in Discord

Sunday, October 28th

10:30am: Demonstration — Morning Pages

11am: Tutorial — Harvest Treat Bags

Noon: Game: Share Your Space

*to be eligible for prizes, projects are due to galleries and challenge forums by 3am on Monday morning 10/29/18 (this way everyone on the West Coast has until Midnight on Sunday to add their projects to galleries and challenge forums)

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  1. Hey Alison — all the times are Eastern — I’m gonna add that and then change that bottom one to also be eastern. too, because it should be like 3am on Monday morning, so everyone on the West Coast has until Midnight on Sunday to complete their projects