Scrapbooking Basic Tools and Supplies: Crafty Ass Female EP 203

Welcome back to the Season of Scrapbooking on the Crafty Ass Female Podcast! In this episode, our guests Carrie and Carol Anne join me to get back to basics and explore the essentials for getting started and documenting your memories. With our combined 60 years of experience, we get into specific tools and products, what you need to scrapbook outside the house, the ideal scrapbooking mindset, where to find inspiration, and so much more. Here are some highlights of what we talked about:

The Basics

  • You’ll need a few fundamental tools and supplies to kickstart your scrapbooking adventure – but less than you might think!
  • A great way to start any project is by selecting your favorite paper colors or coordinating them with the photos you plan to scrapbook.
  • Start with solid papers if you’re unsure about working with patterned papers. They provide a versatile base for your layouts.
  • Invest in a cutting tool like a guillotine cutter or a Fiskars paper trimmer that allows you to cut up to 12 inches.
    • Don’t forget a pair of smaller scissors specifically for paper, ensuring you avoid using fabric scissors to maintain their sharpness.
  • A good-quality black pen is crucial for journaling, so find one that feels comfortable.

The Extras

  • Expand your repertoire of supplies with a ruler, handy for measuring and finding the center of elements. Consider using a zero-center ruler for added convenience.
  • Adhesive is vital to scrapbooking, and it’s worth exploring different options.
  • Dry adhesives, such as Kokuyo adhesive and glue dots, work well for most projects.
  • For heavier embellishments and adding dimension, glue dots on a roll or foam squares are excellent choices.
  • If you’re prone to changing your mind or prefer to reposition elements, repositionable adhesive can be a lifesaver.

Tips and Tricks

  • Take advantage of coordinated paper lines or kits to ensure your papers and embellishments match seamlessly.
  • Precision cutting, also known as fussy cutting, can add intricate details to your layouts. Invest in sharp, pointy scissors with a fine tip to achieve precise cuts.
  • Use archival and waterproof black pens for journaling to ensure your writing remains intact, even when exposed to moisture.
  • Experiment with different adhesives over time and discover your personal preferences. Double-sided tape, such as Scotch’s options, is a reliable starting point.
  • Remember to avoid using glue dots on rubber charms, as they may cause oil to seep onto your paper, leaving unsightly marks.


Embarking on a scrapbooking journey is an exciting adventure filled with creativity and self-expression. Armed with just a few essential tools and supplies, you’re ready to dive into the world of scrapbooking. Remember to have fun, experiment with various techniques, and let your creativity shine through each page. Happy scrapbooking!

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Our guests:

Carrie is an avid paper lover, obsessed with books, a foodie but not snobby, an ADHD survivor, and a ragey intersectional feminist that is hopeful feminism can save the world.

Carol Anne is a long-time multi-format scrapbooker and cardmaker, who enjoys adding humor, honesty, and song lyrics to her layouts. Despite her quiet affect, she has been known to express an opinion or three when asked.

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