ALP Virtual Scrapbook Festival: Aug 16-21

Join us for the Inaugural Awesome Ladies Project Virtual Scrapbook Festival!

August 16-21, 2022

What to Expect

The Awesome Ladies Project Virtual Scrapbook Festival will kick off on Tuesday, August 16th!

The festival will run from Tuesday, August 16th through Sunday, August 21st.

We’ll be celebrating everything that is awesome about the ALP community — the scrapbooking we do in our homes and the community we share on the internet.

Several of the activities we have scheduled can be previewed in the festival classroom right now. We’ll be adding more of our activities over the next week. All of these lessons will be available to view on Tuesday, August 16th at 6am ET.

This festival is free for Awesome Ladies All Access Members and $19 for all other Community members.

Our Festival Kickoff will be on Tuesday, August 16th.

Challenges will open up at 6am ET — each in their own lesson.

Digital templates for the rukristin’s TECH-niques sessions templates will be available at 6am ET — each in their own lesson.

Games will be played throughout the week — some live games, some as asynchronous games, fun for everyone!

We’ll have live hangout time where you can hang out with the Awesome Ladies and work on your projects — we’ll have a room for people who want to craft and chat, as well as a room for people who want to craft quietly and just hang out.

Festival Community

We have an exclusive festival community that will open up on Tuesday, August 16th. This community has a forum, gallery, activity feed, and ways for you to interact with the other Awesome Ladies attending the Virtual Scrapbook Festival!

There will be live events and non-live events — every live event will be recorded and placed into the corresponding lesson for you to watch and rewatch.

Festival Points

Activities that you participate in during the festival will earn you festival points!

Activities will include:

  • Posting to the Festival forum
  • Completing challenges
  • Showing up to a live session
  • and more!

Festival Merch

There will be different types of merch available to purchase during the Awesome Ladies Project Virtual Scrapbook Festival! We’ll have shirts, totes, pouches, stickers, and more!

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  1. I’ll be spending a little quality time with My Guys and the 49’ers at Training Camp some days during the Festival. Expect a lot of purple, gold, and red in my activities.