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Adding Your Projects to a Classroom Gallery

Hey, Awesome Ladies!

Today I’m here to share with you how to upload your project photos into one of our classroom galleries. The process is simple and we’ll have you uploading and sharing your awesome projects in no time at all!

First, you’ll want to navigate to the community portion of the workshop (the workshop pictured here is our July Monthly Storytelling Workshop). You can do that by clicking on the ‘Course Discussion’ button inside of any of your enrolled workshops.

July Home Storytelling


Once you’re inside the community area for the workshop, you’re going to want to click on the gallery button (see below), and then you can follow the steps as you would for uploading a photo to your regular Awesome Ladies gallery (instructions here).

adding your projects to a classroom gallery


We love to see all of your Awesome Ladies Projects in our galleries, but our workshop galleries feel even more special. It’s always so much fun to see everyone working hard on similar projects, taking the same inspiration, and churning out different and unique stories.

You can check out our Monthly Storytelling Workshops and join this month’s workshop by clicking on this month’s theme image in the sidebar. These workshops are both free each month for Awesome Ladies VIP members and available to purchase on a month-to-month basis for all Awesome Ladies.

Awesome Ladies Monthly Storytelling Workshops include:

  • Intro video from rukristin
  • 8 page printable PDF workbook
  • 4 storytelling/creative prompts
  • storytelling sparks
  • creative team inspiration
  • access to private forums
  • private gallery,
  • and private workshop group space

Learn more about Awesome Ladies VIP membership and additional perks to member benefits here.

So whether you’d like to join us on a regular basis and save a few dollars each month, or just join in when you have the time, or when the theme strikes your interest; we’ve got you covered.


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