The Awesome Ladies Project

The Awesome Ladies Project started as a creative self-documenting challenge in March of 2013 by rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker. The Awesome Ladies Project challenges women to document the stories of their lives in a way that makes them feel amazing.

No matter what your life looks like, you’re awesome and your stories deserve to be documented in a way that makes you feel awesome.

The Awesome Ladies Project offers various creative projects to help women document their lives. The ALP exists to encourage and empower women to prioritize self-storytelling through creative means.

Here is a rundown of what the ALP offers:

The Awesome Ladies Project Online Community 

A free feminist alternative social media community for creative women and female identifying people to connect with each other. All members get unlimited personal gallery space, access to free community groups, free courses, and more. 

rukristin built this site from the ground up, so that we could have a semi-private place, away from the prying eyes of mainstream social media’s constant spotlight and pressure. Telling your stories can be vulnerable and takes a bit of bravery; FB & IG don’t offer the deeper connection and support the way that the ALP community does. This place exists to help you love yourself through scrapbooking. 

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The Awesome Ladies Projects

Over the past decade rukristin has come up with a handful of challenges and projects to empower women to tell their stories in ways that work for their lives. 
Our weekly Thursday3 selfie challenge and Currently List journaling challenge are two of our most loved Awesome Ladies Projects.

Our projects are about helping literally thousands of women make it super easy to document our lives in the ways that matter.

The VIP Collective 

For ladies looking to dive deeper into their scrapbooking & storytelling, the VIP Collective premium membership experience will give you everything the ALP has to offer. You get access to weekly video hangout sessions with me and the ladies, our Library of Resources with self-paced courses, as well as all of the forums and blog articles. 

The best part of the VIP Collective membership is our cornerstone workshop: Book of Me. Book of Me runs September through May with new content (including live lessons with rukristin) added each month. You can join in at any time, the monthly lessons are independent of one another, so you can pick and choose the content that you love most and never be behind! 

Awesome Ladies Live

Each summer, rukristin hosts a live retreat, here in East Lansing, Michigan. There is actual magic that happens when women get in a room and tell the stories of their lives.

This weekend is about learning tips, tricks, and techniques for documenting your own life. You will feel empowered and impassioned in a way that’s all your own and you will leave having made amazing projects, incredible memories, and wonderful new friends.