Awesome Ladies Introduction August

Welcome to the Awesome Ladies Monthly Storytelling Workshop!

This month’s theme is Outdoors

I’m @rukristin and I’m the founder of the Awesome Ladies & the instructor for our Monthly Storytelling Workshops. I’m so excited that you’ve decided to join us this month.

The Awesome Ladies are a group of women from around the world who are interested in the art of feminist scrapbooking — the radical notion that women’s stories are important and deserve to be documented.

I passionately believe that women’s stories are important and it’s up to women themselves to document their lives. This isn’t an easy task, especially as the world can be a pretty unforgiving place for women and their experiences. But let’s be honest, work worth doing is rarely an easy task; especially the creative arts.

Our goal here at the Awesome Ladies Project is to make you the best version of your storyteller self. Our monthly workshops help you dive deep into a single topic. This month we’ll be talking about the outdoors.

We’ll be spending time together in our lessons and our community figuring out which outdoors stories we want to tell, how we want to tell them, and then sharing those stories and projects with one another. When you enroll in the full workshop you’ll have immediate access to all of this month’s workshop content and prompts, as well as our workshop community.

why do you offer a free lesson

Why do you offer a free lesson?

The Awesome Ladies Project is about helping women along their journey to be the best version of their storytelling selves. A big part of that is giving you the tools to make the best decisions for yourself. We’re not here to force you into decisions that don’t work for you or your stories.

By offering a quick glimpse into what our workshop looks like for the month, you’re prepared to decide whether this month’s workshop will help you on that journey.

Additionally, Feminist Scrapbooking is about being accessible. By offering a free lesson, with a free printable mini-guide, we’re making sure that we keep The Awesome Ladies Project as open and accessible as we can. We completely understand that not everyone has the extra time or money to spend on a full storytelling workshop each month.

This free lesson makes sure that everyone has a chance to get in on our Awesome Ladies Monthly Theme even if you can’t spare the time or the dollars right now to join the Storytelling Workshop.

About this month's theme

About this month’s theme: Outdoors

This month’s theme is outdoors. Throughout the month we’ll explore what this theme means to you and your stories. Whether the outdoors is a place where you’re constantly adventuring and exploring or a place where you find solitude and respite, we’re here to help you find your outdoor stories and get them down onto paper.

We’re here to use our monthly theme to dive deep into our personal stories. We’ll use those stories as the basis of our creative projects throughout the month. Our workshops are designed to guide you seamlessly through our monthly storytelling theme in order to find the stories you want to tell and the ways in which you want to tell them.

Who is this workshop for

  • Documenters of all skill levels — from beginner to advanced — everyone is welcome.
  • Documenters of all styles — from traditional scrapbookers to art journalers to social media documenters — everyone is welcome.
  • Anyone who wants to document their outdoors stories in a creative way
  • Creatives who want to share their outdoors stories and projects with other creatives

what we're going to accomplish this month

What we’re going to accomplish this month

At the end of the day, we’re here to have fun, learn from each other, and get stuff done. The ALP Monthly Storytelling Workshop is all about setting you up to succeed in telling stories about your life, the want you want them to be told.

Whether you learn best through lessons, workbook pages, videos, prompts, or inside of our community forums — we’ve got you covered. This is about you becoming the best version of your storyteller self.

By the end of this month’s workshop you’ll have:

  • A critical understanding of how this month’s theme Outdoors applies to you and your stories
  • A personal brainstorm and deconstruction of this month’s theme and how that affects your Outdoors stories
  • Both personal and community explorations of how this month’s theme relates to your Outdoors stories
  • Created a Plan of Action outlining how you want to tackle this month’s creative storytelling projects
  • Crafted 4+ projects inspired by our creative/storytelling prompts
  • Gained inspiration from Creative Team & member gallery projects
  • Made new friends in our private Workshop Community
  • Downloaded, printed, and filled out your Storytelling Workbook
  • and more

Enroll in this month's storytelling workshop

Options for enrolling in this month’s workshop:

We offer two options for enrolling in the Awesome Ladies Monthly Storytelling Workshops.

  1. Free Enrollment for Awesome Ladies VIPs (membership is $9/month & includes all the perks outlined here).
  2. Individual Workshop Enrollment for all Awesome Ladies.

No matter which option you pick, your workshop experience is exactly the same. The Awesome Ladies Monthly Storytelling Workshops start on the first day of the month. After you enroll in the workshop, all content is made immediately available to you, and remains available to you indefinitely.

These workshops don’t disappear, they don’t go anywhere. Whenever you enroll in an Awesome Ladies workshop you’ll be able to come back and access the workshop, community, and all the lesson content anytime.

Download the FREE ALP Outdoors Storytelling Mini-Guide and get started on telling your outdoors story today.

Download the free storytelling mini-guide

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