No matter what your life looks like,

you have stories that deserve to be told.

Scrapbooking the stories of your life is:

a radical act of self-care,

a way to state your existence,

and a simple, creative way to show up for yourself.

You are the author of your own adventures — your everyday adventures, your hometown adventures, and those once-in-a-lifetime adventures too.

Every story has value, and we’re here to help you tell the ones that matter to you!

The Awesome Ladies Project’s Feminist Scrapbook School is the only place on the planet to teach you how to scrapbook & document your life through an anti-patriarchy, anti-capitalist, anti-white supremacy lens.

Have you ever thought about scrapbooking

but haven’t found a way that clicked for you?

Scrapbooking your story is a badass and empowering form of documenting your life.

One where you choose the rules, which stories to tell, and how you want to tell them.


Feminist Scrapbook School is the leading place to learn how to scrapbook your own stories.

It’s scrapbooking for people like YOU.

Feminist Scrapbook School is packed with in-depth, practical courses, prompts, and resources on all aspects of planning, documenting, and crafting the stories of your life.

AND support from our incredible community to ensure that your creativity reaches its full potential

Transform Your Creative Journey with Feminist Scrapbook School

🎨 Discover the Power of Inclusivity and Empowerment

  • Celebrate Diverse Voices and Experiences: With the FSS curriculum, tailored to different backgrounds, abilities, and experiences, find your place in a community that recognizes and honors all stories.
  • Accessibility for All: Whether it’s various learning formats or economic accessibility through sliding scales or scholarships, we strive to make creativity accessible to everyone.
  • Content that Reflects You: Delve into workshops and lessons that focus on intersectional feminism, personal stories, and the empowerment of unique voices.

🎨 Build Confidence and Express Yourself Authentically

  • Personalized Learning Pathways: Grow at your own pace with tailored courses, individual feedback, and support from our passionate instructors.
  • Explore and Experiment Freely: Engage in creative challenges, community projects, and embrace the joy of process over perfection.
  • Find Your Voice: Through authentic storytelling and progressive skill-building, uncover and celebrate your distinctive voice.

🎨 Enjoy Accessible and Flexible Learning

  • Diverse Learning Formats: From video and audio content to interactive tutorials, workbooks, small groups, and more — experience learning that suits your style and preference.
  • Learn at Your Convenience: Access on-demand courses, new courses every semester, and enjoy lifetime access to materials that fit your schedule.
  • A Community That Welcomes All: Inclusive community engagement, adaptation to technological needs, and content that’s accessible for various abilities make Feminist Scrapbook School a nurturing space for growth.

Join Us and Start Your Telling Your Stories Today!

Embark on a creative journey that’s not just about crafting, but about celebrating individuality, building confidence, and creating a community that resonates with feminist values. With Feminist Scrapbook School, you’re not just learning new skills; you’re becoming part of a movement that recognizes and elevates every voice.

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Tell your story with us this Fall in four all-new courses!

Hey! I’m rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker,

and I created Feminist Scrapbook School

Feminist Scrapbook School was created for people who love to learn.

We combine practical and theoretical learning for a completely unique experience.


In the realm of creativity, practice isn’t just about repetition; it’s a sacred ritual of self-discovery and storytelling. At Feminist Scrapbook School, we firmly believe that practice is the heartbeat of your creative journey. It’s the space where you can explore without judgment, connect with your inner narrative, and evolve as an artist and storyteller.

Our ‘Practice’ isn’t about aiming for perfection but celebrating the potent mix of authenticity and imagination. Through our cornerstone projects—Daily Pages and Book of Me—we’ve designed a framework for you to make this practice a transformative habit, enriching not just your craft but also your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Daily Pages

Daily Pages are a creative self-documenting habit started by rukristin in the summer of 2018. Daily Pages are about pulling a small amount of paper, thoughts, photos, words, or bits of life into a small notebook. They’re a creative habit for you to tell your stories.

Your pages can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be. You can use whatever supplies you have on hand. There is no right or wrong way to approach this project. You don’t have to create pages daily (rukristin creates hers M-F). There are no specific supplies that you need. You can use what you’ve got on hand, whatever you’re loving the most right now, or anything else you want.

Our Daily Pages practice is about choosing what works for you and your life.

Inside FSS, there are multiple ways for you to interact with the Daily Pages Practice, including our fan-favorite Daily Pages Livestream, held every M-F at Noon ET (more details below). If that doesn’t work for your schedule, we’ve got monthly challenges, a full library of recordings, classes, pop-up events and other more to help you build your practice.

Freedom of Frequency: Don’t worry about the ‘daily’ in Daily Pages. Create them as often as suits you—rukristin crafts hers from Monday to Friday. Remember, there’s no pressure; this is your space for self-expression.

Unleash Your Creative Spirit: Feel free to experiment with your favorite crafting elements. Whether it’s stamping, working with a vibrant palette, or incorporating different textures, your Daily Pages are a canvas that celebrates your unique style.

Community and Resources: Beyond the pages, we have built a robust FSS community around the Daily Pages practice. From live streams to monthly challenges and an array of classes, there’s a wealth of resources to guide and inspire you.

Book of Me

While Daily Pages are all about capturing the ‘right now,’ our Book of Me practice focuses on the larger narrative of your life. Think of it as your personal memoir in scrapbook form, telling the stories that make you, you.

Whether it’s a deep dive into a specific chapter of your life or a more comprehensive look at your journey so far, Book of Me is a living, breathing document that grows and evolves with you.

Much like with Daily Pages, there are no rigid guidelines here—just principles to help you tell your story authentically.

Flexible Format

With Book of Me, the size and shape of your project are entirely up to you. You can go with a traditional scrapbook, digital pages, or even a hybrid. The point is to make it as personal as the stories you’re telling.

Use What You Love

You don’t need special supplies. Whether you’re into stamping, colors, or textures, Book of Me allows you to indulge in your favorite crafting methods.

Community Support

Inside Feminist Scrapbook School, we provide various ways for you to engage with the Book of Me practice. This includes specialized courses, challenges, and forums where you can share your work and get inspired by others. Plus, we feature member stories to celebrate and learn from the myriad ways we all approach this project.

The Book of Me is about freedom: the freedom to express, to explore, and most importantly, to be yourself.


Our Theory here at Feminist Scrapbook School is found predominantly inside our live classes during the semester. Each semester we have live classes, each with weekly live office hours and classrooms filled with resources, worksheets, and more.

2023 Fall Semester Classes are:

  • The Artist’s Compass
  • Capture Yourself: Selfie Challenge
  • Unfold Your Story
  • The Storyteller’s Almanac

Classes are offered in various ways: recorded lessons, workbooks, audio, video, live office hours, transcripts… so no matter which way you learn best, you can take advantage of our instruction. It’s important to us that you can show up in the way that works best for you and get what you need.

All Feminist Scrapbook School Students Also Get Access To:

Office Hours

Office hours sessions with rukristin are held regularly. You can bring whatever questions you’ve got on your mind and take turns sitting in the hot seat and getting advice or talking out a situation causing you some friction. Or you can sit in and listen to others get advice on their own creative issues.

Study Hall

Study Hall is quiet, scheduled time to work on projects together for comradery and accountability. We check in at the beginning of the session and mention what we’re working on and talk about our progress right before we finish. You are free to drop in & out of study hall sessions as you are able.

Library of Resources

Students have access to a Library that includes an incredible number (and growing) of resources for scrapbooking your stories. Including, but not limited to:

  • Self-paced masterclasses
  • Digital scrapbook files
  • Printable scrapbook files
  • Canva templates
  • Workbooks
  • and more

Now available! The FSS private Podcast

Can’t make it to a live lesson, Office Hours, or other FSS event? Catch up on any device by subscribing to the FSS private podcast, now available as soon as you become a member. Listen to the podcast on any of your favorite platforms or devices.

What I love most is learning and experimenting in a feminist-empowered environment. I think deeper about myself as a memory keeper and what I am documenting.

— Carol Anne

Daily Pages Live

Daily Pages Live is our live Daily Pages session at Noon ET every Monday through Friday.

Join rukristin and watch her create today’s Daily Page live on camera, and then (optionally) share your own creation and check out what other students have created. This is one of our most loved activities and forms the basis for many members’ daily art habits.

We have been doing Daily Pages Live since the beginning of the pandemic (April 2020), and the consistent growth that students see just by showing up and scrapbooking inside these small notebooks is fantastic.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it live…we’ve got you covered!

Daily Pages Streaming is the name for our Daily Pages Live recordings. They are housed inside classrooms, tagged, and categorized so that you can watch the videos that are most relevant to what you want to create at any given time.

I think it is amazing that we get together for Daily Pages, Monday to Friday on Zoom for such a low monthly fee. It is a great chance to develop a regular creative practice and catch up on what other people are making. Kristin and anyone else on the Zoom are always happy to help with advice if you get stuck. Such a empowering community.


Book of Me — Your All About Me Scrapbook

Book of Me is our flagship all-about-me course where you create a one-of-a-kind scrapbook with the stories that are most important to you and the way that you want to tell them.

rukristin has been teaching this course for 5+ years, and it keeps getting better every time! Inside our Feminist Scrapbook School curriculum for 2023, we have two live Book of Me courses.

Fall Semester

  • Mini-Book of Me: Unfold Your Story – A Fold-it-In Accordian album — November 1st through 23rd

Spring Semester

  • TBD

Inside these Book of Me courses, there are lessons to discuss the week’s topic and discussion space to answer any questions students might have about course materials.

Each topic includes journaling prompts, creative catalysts, and other resources to help you decide on the stories you want to document each week. The lessons will help you take the week’s prompt from something broad or abstract and make it relevant to your life right now.

right now stories are important get them off the page

Book of Me helps you to tell the stories that you want to tell in the ways that you want to tell them. Whether those are fun, surface-level stories, like what shows you’re watching and your favorite flavors of ice cream right now — or — more introspective stories, like what your most important values are or why you care deeply about a certain tradition.

Self-paced versions of previous Book of Me courses are also available if you’re looking for a different way of telling your stories this year.

Book of Me has been so much fun, and has made it easier for me to tell my story. There are stories I don’t know that I would have ever told without this class, and I am so happy I have them.