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Why Document Weather?

What is Weather?

Why Document Weather?

Why are we documenting weather here at the Awesome Ladies Project? We’re going to spend the next month talking about how weather affects our lives. That’s where we’re going to find the best stories to document. The thing that I really want to hammer home is that no matter what your weather looks like, it’s worth documenting.

Weather might seem like an innocuous topic at first glance.

But with this month’s theme I want us to focus on how weather shapes stories in our lives. Weather is usually a background player, just hanging out providing the backdrop for the selfie you’re in or messing with your white balance during your photo shoot. But there are those special times where weather rears its head and puts itself in the center of the stage.

This month, I want us to take a look at weather from both of these perspectives.

  1. How weather exists in our everyday lives. What does the climate look like in our city/town/region? What do our seasons look like? How does this affect my routine?
  2. How weather makes itself the protagonist. Think of the times where weather has made itself the main event, or the reason for the story itself. Did a rainstorm ruin a big event for you? Did you come across a double rainbow when you needed it most?

Throughout this month let’s really explore what weather means in each of our lives. I look forward to seeing your voices in our forums and your creative projects in our galleries.

What stories come out of weather?

How does weather affect your life?

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re leaving our winter season and moving into our spring season. Our friends down south are moving from summer into autumn. Whether you live in a place with four distinct seasons, or you live in a place that has more of a wet/dry seasonality, weather has a huge impact on our stories.

The stories that come out of our weather experiences are different for each of us. For some of us, these stories are going to be about our everyday weather interactions; maybe how weather affects our everyday routines. For some of us, we’re more interested in the weather stories that come out of our routines, like the first day of spring, or autumn, the first sunny day of summer, etc.

Weather can also be a major event in our lives. Named weather storms like Hurricane Sandy or Tropical Storm Frank have been known to do huge amounts of damage to homes, communities, and people’s lives. These big events are a part of our stories and deserve to be documented alongside out other stories.

Weather Representations in Media

As you all know, I love media representation, especially TV. One of my favorite ways to get ideas for the things that I want to scrapbook, or the stories that I want to tell, is through media representation. Here are a few of my favorite weather representations.


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