Where Do You Get Your Stickers?

Happy Sticker Month!

On one of our recent Office Hours calls, someone asked a really good and simple question: Where do you get your stickers? We had a lot of great answers, but I wanted to open this up to the whole ALP Team and share some of their projects at the same time!

rukristin: I get stickers each month from the Pipsticks subscription. They remind me of all the stickers I had growing up, and I really like the colors and basically everything about them. They have a store where you can pick up stickers a la carte.

Caroline: The majority of my stickers in the last 12 months have come from an Australian planner company – Planners Anonymous. Each month their stickers are a mixture of the cutest deco and functional planner style. I love using the planner style stickers on my scrapbook pages as journal boxes or to highlight a quote or title.

Kisma: I am a collector of stickers and I tend to pick them up even off sidewalks — you know the stickers children sometimes lose? 🙂 My latest purchases, however, is a book called Boho Dreams filled with deliciously adorable stickers and then two different Jane Davenport stickers from Michaels.

Jacqueline: I got the stickers on this from The Awesome Ladies Project, Brandi Kincaid’s Extravagant Hope, probablysmut.com, and karenhallion.com/shop.

Kinjal: I got these stickers from stickwiththeplan on Etsy – wanted to make sure people knew about her!

Where do you like to get your stickers from?

Let us known in the comments below!

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