What are Hangouts?

Hangouts are a perk of the Awesome Ladies Collective membership. They’re a way for the Awesome Ladies to get together and hang out with me (rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker), as well as the other Awesome Ladies and spend some quality time working on creative projects.

Hangouts are not recorded, so that we can spend more intimate time together and cultivate relationships with the women who are in attendance, and not have to worry about everything we say being on video/audio recording.

Never fear! Hangouts are now twice a week and times will be rotated quarterly to make sure that we are accommodating as many Awesome Ladies as possible.

Hangouts in the first quarter of 2019 (January/February/March) will be on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and Saturday afternoons at 5pm.

Hangouts are a way for the Awesome Ladies Collective members to get together a couple times a week to share what we’re working on, to create together as friends, and to solicit opinions and feedback from the community.

If you would like your Hangouts preferences known, please fill out this form (update it as often as you need).

All Awesome Ladies Collective members are welcome in our hangouts! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been to one, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never been on camera, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never chatted online before. You are welcome to our hangout!

You do not have to be on video to participate in our hangout. You are welcome to come to the Hangout room and chat in either the text chat or the audio if you’re more comfortable that way.

I’ll be sharing the latest projects that I’m working on, whether it’s layouts for my story album, my latest Project Life pages, a new mini-album or something else entirely.

I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have about projects you’re working on, or are thinking about tackling in the future as well as any questions about supplies or techniques as well.

Think of Awesome Ladies Collective Hangouts as casual Awesome Ladies get-together time, where I’m here to share with you what I’m working on (and work alongside you), on the projects we’ve got going on right now.

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