Using Digital Cards

Each month I create a set of 3×4 digital cards for ALP VIP members. I love that with digital cards I can print them over and over again instead of hoarding a card for just the right project.

I was really inspired during the Scrapbook Daily Pages: 30 Days of Showing Up class and wanted to put together some ideas based on those lessons and my experiences.

Here are some different ways to use digital cards (I’ll be using my April cards for VIP members):

Edit them digitally:

Before you even print out your digital cards, you can edit them. I typically use Photoshop, but Canva is a great, free site to use (I wrote a blog post about creating your own cards in Canva too). When you’re editing them you can change the colors, cover up parts, add text, etc. 

Print them as is:

Of course, you don’t have to make any changes digitally. You can just print them out as is and go from there!

Print on different papers:

While you can always use normal printer paper, I like to try out different paper options as well. Printing on colored cardstock can be a fun way to switch things up.

Kristin mentioned in one of the daily page lessons that she prints on matte photo paper when she’s going to do mixed media. I decided to try that out when using watercolors and loved the result.

Add color:

I like to design black and white cards that people can add their own color to (and I’m usually adding purple haha). When it comes to adding color just use what you have whether it is crayons, markers, pens, highlighters, washi tape, paints, colored pencils or watercolors to make these cards unique to you.

Use them as a canvas:

Think of each card as a little canvas that you can layer with stamps, stickers, paint, washi, etc. For daily pages, I prefer to do stamping on a card instead of directly on the notebook page so I don’t have to worry about shadowing or it bleeding through. For the card in the photo above, I used watercolor pencils, and then when it dried, I stamped on top of that.

Cut them:

As a rule follower, I’m always hesitant to cut apart paper and cards. I get it in my head that I need to use them exactly as they are. With digital cards, you can always print more so just make the cut!

Save them for later:

You don’t have to use these cards on the day you print them. Maybe you color them one day and then tuck them away for later. Sometimes I have days where I feel like I have zero creativity so having some 3×4 cards that already have been worked on a bit makes my daily pages easier on those days.

I hope this post inspires you to use your digital supplies! Are there any other ways that you like to use your digital products?

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  1. Cool, I like the way you used the Currently stamps with the hexagon patterns. The designs are easy to work with.

    And yes, the perks of using digital printables is not worrying about using them up however you like, since they don’t run out. Nowadays, I’m also more likely to buy printables than physical products to stretch a dollar.

    I recently bought a digital illustration kit from Freya Fennec on Etsy, who has a cool colorful style. Looking forward to using them in my bujo this weekend. =]