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ALP Trend Watch Challenge: Ink, Stamp, Repeat!

Are you ready for another Trend Watch Challenge? For this one, it’s time to get out your stamps, and Ink, Stamp, Repeat!

Have you noticed how many scrappers are repeating one stamp over and over to create their own patterned papers and backgrounds? I’m seeing it everywhere — on scrapbook layouts and traveler’s notebooks, randomly scattered or in organized patterns, with both physical and digital stamps. The super cool thing about this technique is that you get to create something totally original that adds texture and interest to your projects while allowing you to get some use out of your stamps!

The most popular way I’ve been seeing this trend appear is with word or phrase stamps, but any type of stamp will do. I’ll share a recent example

The neat way:

I have to admit that when I tried this stamping technique with an organized pattern, I struggled a little at first. I went to stamp a repeated pattern on a 6×8 piece of white cardstock, and when I started out, I felt impatient and unsteady with my stamping. I got the hang of it after a little practice and the help of some light pencil lines drawn with a ruler, though, and it also helped to let go my need for perfection and just go with it. Imperfection just adds to the charm, right? Add some ink splatters and a black outline around the paper, and it all works.


I used the stamped piece I created as one of the layering papers in this layout about seeing the World’s Largest Pumpkin Pie at the annual pumpkin festival I attend with my best friend. I love how the stamped paper works with the other black and white elements on the page to lend a more modern and graphic feel against the folksy, cutesy papers and embellishments I used from the Pebbles Woodland Forest collection.

The messy way:

Not into lining things up neatly? Try creating texture on a background or another element by using the same stamp randomly like I did on this Elle’s Studio tag for a recent page in my Smash Book:


To really play up the randomness, I created a varied look in the stamping by not re-inking the stamp each time I used it, and the stamping in black balances the black text on the opposite side of the page. I especially liked how the stamping was an easy way to reinforce the topic of the page (COFFEE!) and fill up the empty space on the tag.

Your turn!

I’d love to see you get out your stamps and give this challenge a try! All through the month of May, upload a project to the Awesome Ladies Project (in your personal gallery) and share the link in the comments on this post. Just log into your free ALP account and visit your personal gallery on your profile page (click “Register” at the top of the page if you are new to this site). You can also share your projects on Instagram using the hashtag #alptrendwatch in addition to the usual #awesomeladies #feministscrapbooking and #theawesomeladiesproject hashtags. Feel free to tag me (@scrappylikeafox) in your post so I see your creations right away!

Have you spotted a scrappy trend while surfing blogs, galleries, or Instagram? I’d love for you to tell me what you see. It could be a theme, motif, product, technique, design trend — anything!  Send me a message in the Awesome Ladies Community (@scrappylikeafox) so we can chat about it, and it might end up as a future challenge here at The Awesome Ladies Project.

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