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ALP Trend Watch Challenge: Get Angular

It’s Trend Watch Challenge time! This month, I’m challenging you to Get Angular.

A design trend I’ve noticed emerging in recent months is that scrappers are experimenting with large triangular shapes that jut into their pages, traveler’s note book spreads, and journaling cards. Instead of lining background layers up straight or squaring papers against the edges and corners of the foundation, this design trend requires you to boldly arrange papers so that they come off the edges and to a point somewhere on the page in a way that seems totally unpredictable.



Have you noticed this, too? While small triangles (like photo corners, arrows, and banner flags) have been trendy in scrapbooking for a long time, something about these large triangles that take up lots of space on the page and even seem to be coming from outside the page are a trend that feels somewhat new and exciting to me.

It creates a bold and dynamic look on the page that I just love. And the large angles created by arranging papers this way can serve a lot of different purposes. Triangles in design can function as arrows that lead your eye to a focal point – like an important photo, title, or journaling. Or they might represent strength or growth, depending on whether you draw attention to their large bases or how they lead to a point.

Sometimes, it’s easy to imagine a large triangle as a ray of light or an expanding (or narrowing) field of vision. They can even be evocative of mountains and valleys – which can help tell stories like overcoming challenges or being in the midst of a struggle.

I decided to give this design trend a try with this layout about working the voting machines at a recent election:



I love how the light blue map patterned paper creates an interesting base for my photos and journaling when it is placed at an angle on the page. Laying the paper at an angle and then trimming off the excess around the edges helped break up all the perpendicular lines on the page and resulted in a much more interesting look than if it had been straight. I finished the background of the page by laying a star-printed transparency on top of my angular layer.

I got so excited when I found that transparency in my stash, since it looks just like the cover of my election official training manual!

It’s so easy to try this technique, and there are so many different looks you might try:

  • Add as many or as few jutting angles onto your page as you like. Maybe one could be the foundation of your focal point photo while another smaller one holds your journaling, for example.
  • Use an angled paper to add a geometric splash of color and pattern to a white or solid color layout, or do the opposite and add an angled piece of a neutral paper as a spot for the eye to rest on an otherwise busy page.
  • Cover just the angled paper or everything but the angled piece with embellishments or mixed media to create some interesting contrast on the page.
  • Place a photo right on the point of the angle to lead the eye right toward it.
  • Use the angled sides of your angled layer as a foundation for titles, journaling, and more!


Now, it’s your turn! Let’s start a fun round up of angular projects. Have you made something that features large angles before? Or do you want to give it a try? All through the month of June, upload a project to the Awesome Ladies Project (in your personal gallery) and share the link in the comments on this post.

Just log into your free ALP account and visit your personal gallery on your profile page (click “Register” at the top of the page if you are new to this site). You can also share your projects on Instagram using the hashtag #alptrendwatch in addition to the usual #awesomeladies #feministscrapbooking and #theawesomeladiesproject hashtags. Feel free to tag me (@scrappylikeafox) in your post so I see your creations right away! You can even tag me or add the hashtag to past projects if you’ve already created something using this trend!

Have you spotted a scrappy trend while surfing blogs, galleries, or Instagram? I’d love for you to tell me what you see. It could be a theme, motif, product, technique, design trend — anything!  Send me a message in the Awesome Ladies Community (@scrappylikeafox) so we can chat about it, and it might end up as a future challenge here at The Awesome Ladies Project.


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