The Daily Pages Rewatch Party


Hello, ALP All Access Club Members,

I invite you to join me for The Daily Pages Rewatch Party, starting tomorrow, Thursday, June 2nd at 7:00 AM EDT. We will watch the previous day’s Daily Pages, creating alongside Kristin (i.e., we will watch Monday Currently List on Tuesday, and so on). Then, we will share what we have made with each other. (Remember sharing is voluntary.)

I reached out to Kristin a few weeks ago because I really missed creating Daily Pages Live when I started working again in April.

What I’ve missed in no particular order:

  • Creating shoulder to shoulder with other ALPers. I find it creating in a group powerful even if it is silent.
  • Sharing scrapbooking tips, tricks, and hacks.
  • What supplies people use, where to get them, and if they are on sale that week. (We try not to enable each other, but…)
  • Sharing bits of life, so we can celebrate, encourage, support, or console each other because that’s what we do best.
  • Being inspired. I not only love seeing what others have created, but hearing about their process, and seeing the execution of something they have learned in a class.

If you want to be a part of this too, I invite you to join us.

How to Join


Some mornings I may have bedhead, smudged mascara under my eyes, and be bra-less. So, come as you are. It’s all welcomed.

Looking forward to creating with you,

P.S. I’m learning new technical things, like being a Zoom host. Please be patient with me if we have technical difficulty for the first few days. Thank you.

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  1. woohoo, I’d love to do the Daily Pages lives but it works out to be 2am here in Eastern Australia. This is a much more doable 9am. Drop the kiddos at school then come home for Daily Pages <3

  2. Hi there, ALPers. If you are coming in to join The Rewatch Party, I am having technical difficulties signing in as the host that I will need to work through with Kristin.We will get it figured out soon. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

      1. @alison Thanks for the heads up. I’ll pass it along to Kristin. I did run the event, but my work around the login issues I’m having may not be working the way I think it is. Thanks for your patience as we sort out the bugs. I will be trying again on Monday at 7:00 Eastern.

        1. Hmpf! After conversing with Kristin, it is apparently my lack of skill at translating time zones that is the culprit; I showed up 2 hours late. Hope to see you Monday, bright and early!