The Journaling Card Challenge PDF 30-Card Challenge PDF with circle numbers to mark off when finished

The 2022 Daily Pages Journaling Card Challenge

Do you have a lot of journaling cards lying around with your supplies?

One of the best parts about Daily Pages is using up all the creative supplies you have in your stash.

If you’re a seasoned scrapbooker — you probably have a significant amount of Project LifeTM or other journaling cards hanging around your craft area.

This year, we’re challenging each other to use up those journaling cards!

You can use up your journaling cards in any way that you want:

  • Just stick a quote card on a page
  • Use a journaling card for literal journaling
  • Cut out the pattern on a card
  • Have an awesome two sided journaling card? Create a flip hinge with some washi tape so you can always see both sides
  • Use cards for the dates on your inside front and back covers
  • Cut a photo or other image down to mat on the inside of a card where you don’t like the middle
  • Fill out your Currently lists on Monday! (They still count!)
  • Cut up colorful journaling cards to create cool stripped backgrounds
  • or literally anything else your brain can come up with!

Free Download

I created a 30-card challenge printable challenge PDF to help inspire and keep us accountable during this year’s Daily Pages Journaling Card Challenge.

You can download this PDF below. I recommend printing it letter size (8.5×11).

If you really want to go crazy, you can go into your settings and choose 2 sheets per page, and that’ll print it on half the page, which is pretty much perfect for an A6 planner or 6×8 binder.

How to play along:

For every card that you use, mark off a number with your favorite pen, a sticker, or even a hole punch. Share it with us along the way, and definitely when you’re finished!

Thanks so much for playing along with this new challenge for 2022!

Look for more challenges throughout the year.

I can’t wait to see your Daily Pages this year!

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  1. My goal is to use up 1,000 of them this year – So far through January & February daily pages I use 3 a day so that totals 177 of them!!! I so love this challenge!!!

  2. so glad I found this challenge! i’ve kept a reading journal in TN format for a couple of years and wanted to change it up this year, using a storyline chapter insert and once I saw this challenge decided to use my hundreds of 3×4 journal cards as the base. kept it really simple – 3×4 cards, photos of book cover, dates and genre. love it! thanks for the inspiration!