Sunday Shares

Who’s excited for next year and the new Book of Me workshop? I know I am.

This week I’m sharing some pages from the gallery using the theme – self and are art journally/collagey in nature.

I’m such a fan of Nulls work and her To all the women I’ve been before is amazing.

Melody used the Awesome Ladies Stories Journal to tell her stories. It’s a great way to get started or create a quick album with your stories.

Finally I picked Meeting my Shadow by Shannon. How cool is this page?

Until next week


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  1. Shannon Yates 3 months ago

    Caroline, thank you for including me in your Sunday picks; there are so many awesome sauce women hanging around here!! Love what we all are doing. I signed up for the Book of Me and looking forward to the launch in Jan. Seems I have lots to say about me these days. Maybe having lived for 66 yrs on this planet, I have created many stories.

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