Summer Mood Board Canva Template

Last year I started a summer album (you can read more about that process in this blog post), and so this year when I went to add to it, I decided I wanted to create a 2021 summer mood board. I just wanted to document the feelings I’m trying to capture during this season of life. 

If you want to create a project like this, here is the link to my Canva template.

I have it sized to fit in a Citrus Twist Life Crafted TN album so it’s 4.125 x 8.25 inches. You can take this template and completely customize it to make it your own with just a free Canva account. 

Now let’s talk a little bit about my mood board process: 

Collect your Mood Board Photos:

You can actually just search for photos within Canva to keep this process simple. There are a ton of free photos that you can search for. Another great website is which has free high-quality images that you can use. I’m also a fan of just searching Pinterest. You can copy and paste photos from the web right into Canva and then click and drag them into the photo frames. You can also upload your own images. 

Choose the colors:

In this template, there are four color swatches that you can change to make them the colors that you want. I started by picking colors that matched my summer mood and then built out my project from there. The background of this template has a gradient with three colors that you can change to match your summer colors. You can also use the duotone tool to change the colors of your photos if they don’t match the look you’re going for. 

Customize the template: 

You can keep or delete any parts of this Canva template. Maybe you want to get rid of the paint splatters or change the color of them–go for it! Play around with different fonts for the title. You can change the text from “relax & breathe” to whatever your summer motto is. Pick your own background if the gradient isn’t for you. Have fun with it and make it your own. 

Even though this post is about my summer mood board, I can totally see myself using this template again in other seasons or for other projects! Here’s a link to a simplified version of this template that you can also edit or even use as a sketch for inspiration.

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  1. I used to scrapbook a lot back in the day but am wanting to dive in again. I’m still trying to figure out all the things. So…. quick question: I have a Premium Canva account and am very familiar with Canva. For the project you’ve referenced here, do you print your Canva templates on printer paper and slide them into the page protectors of the album you linked or do you print it on photo paper? Honestly, it’s figuring out how to print the photos that is giving me the most pause. I like the TN size but can’t wrap my brain around how you all print your photos to put in it (i.e. size, type of paper, print at home, etc.). Thanks in advance! Love this idea and think it would be fun to document my summer this way.

    1. Great question! I do print these pages (and most of my scrapbooking photos) at home. I like the convenience of it and the ability to print all different sizes. So for this project, I printed the two TN sized pages on one 8.5×11 piece of photo paper. Your question has me thinking that maybe I need to write my next blog post about my print at home process!