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Scrapbooking in the Age of the Coronavirus

I’ve been scrapbooking for legitimately twenty years now. I started doing this thing as a sophomore in high school and I’ve never stopped. What we are going through now is one of the strangest and most interesting times of our lives and it is so important for us to keep up our documenting habits.

stay at home

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Michelle Garcia of for a great article on what scrapbooks look like right now during this pandemic.

“I think what’s going to be the biggest question in the future will be, how did you people do stuff in your house for 24 hours a day like that? What did work look like? What did, like, domestic life look like? What did you do outside? What did your actual life look like? I’ve been cooking a lot more, and so I’ve been documenting what home cooking looks like.”

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Michelle (you can also find her on IG at @DaintyMess) wrote a really amazing article is filled with a bunch of great inspirational layouts and art pieces from different scrapbookers, as well as other great quotes and bits of knowledge from industry leaders like Ali Edwards and Kelly Purkey. It really captures this moment in history in a way that women like us are never truly portrayed.

Read it here –> Scrapbooking During the Coronavirus

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