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It feels a bit presumptuous to write a blog post about Daily Pages on the website of the actual Daily Pages Queen, but it’s a project I am really loving right now, and sharing more options and ideas is always a good thing.

I had previously made a couple of digital Commonplace Books (you can see one of them here) and I realised watching the Daily Pages class videos that I was missing a place to document all the little things that might not show up in my regular scrapbook pages or weekly planner pages. A collection of my lists, TV shows, song lyrics, recipes, movies, photos, quotes, random ridiculous thoughts, and silly stories that don’t really need their own layout.

So I found some Moleskin notebooks in my stash (we all have a notebook stash right?), made a couple of pages and loved everything about it. This is exactly the kind of scrapbooking I did in high school (but I didn’t call it that). Taking a notebook and filling it with scribbles, photobooth pictures, magazine clippings, ephemera, bad poetry, drawings and photos.

Here is how it’s working for me.

A Monthly Notebook

I’m using a 3.5 x 5.5 inch Moleskine notebook and adding pages when I feel like it rather than one per day. Some are single and some are double spreads. My April and May books are almost filled and I usually make a bunch of pages at once, since I already have my stuff out. I’m planning to start a new book each month – they aren’t very thick and I have a good stash of this size.

Limited Supplies

As a mostly-digital scrapbooker, I don’t have a lot of supplies. I have enjoyed getting out my stamps and washi tape and playing with those. I am more than happy for my pages to have a similar look with the same stamps and colours over and over (I only have one black ink pad!).

Embracing Imperfection

It’s hard not being able to hit ‘undo’ when my stamping or handwriting is wonky, but I am also kinda loving it. This is the project I am going to set all my perfectionism, straight lines, and even-spacing aside and just play. (I AM writing in pencil though, I’m still me!)

Using My Photos

Some of my pages are just photos. I love having a place to use up my hefty camera roll. Sometimes I comment about them, sometimes I do not. Because my notebook pages are 3.5 x 5.5, 4×6 photo paper is perfect (I switch between matte and semigloss). I have a template set up in Photoshop for my 4×6 page with a 3.5 x 5.5 border so I know where to cut after I print. I’m also rounding the corners to match my notebook pages.


The perfect place to keep your selfies and Thursday 3.

TV, Film & Music

I like to add TV, movies, and music to my weekly planner pages, but I’m also including them here too. I usually take a screenshot on my photo while we are watching something so I can remember when I look through my camera roll later. I also like adding cool online photos of favourite singers, actors, or characters because where else would I be able to do that?


I’m sharing a lot of food photos and notes in my book. It’s a good reminder of what we loved and where I got a particular recipe from.

Digital Scrapbook Pages

Some of my pages are just tiny digital scrapbook layouts. I get to use my digital supplies and work in my usual way then print it off to glue into my book.


Some pages are just handwritten or typed words and I love those. I also love having a space to save the funny things my kids say, great quotes, or thoughts I have.

Pop Culture

I like being able to mark the anniversary of a favourite album or pop culture moment or find something that reminds me of my youth.

Social Media & News

I’ve been saving snippets from Twitter and Facebook that make me laugh as well as news headlines.

My Wish List

A great place to store a little reminder of something I am coveting from Pinterest or online stores or a cool room layout.

Journal Cards

I’m not a pocket scrapbooker so I don’t have much use for journal cards but they fit great in my notebook.

More than any of my other scrapbooking projects, this one is just for me. Can’t wait to crack open June!

x Shannan

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