Making December Crafts Easier with a Simple DIY Sticker Sheet

My goal for the December round of 30 Days of Lists this year is to make it a super easy process. I picked a Field Notes journal I already had (and loved seeing Kristin use last year!) and wanted to keep my supplies simple.

I had a set of number stickers that I bought a few years ago from Target and wrapped some of my favorite coordinating washi around on a gift card. I LOVE stickers and wanted to have some on hand for my lists too.

I have so many Christmas stickers, but they’re scattered around different Happy Planner seasonal sticker value packs. It can be overwhelming trying to find just the “right” one to use. 

Last month in an effort to make my sticker stash more manageable and organized, I bought a reusable sticker paper from Amazon. I realized I could trim down this paper to make it work for my 30 lists notebook too.

I gathered my Christmas stickers and picked ones that matched the number stickers and placed them on my new tiny sticker sheet. Since the paper is reusable, I can add more stickers throughout the month when I get low, but I won’t get overwhelmed by looking through ALL of my stickers each day.

Now I have my tiny sticker sheet and my printed copy of the lists paper-clipped to the back of my notebook, and I’m ready to get listing!

Links to supplies:

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