Introducing the ALP Sticker Club

I’m so excited to introduce the ALP Sticker Club to you. Available to all members of the Awesome Ladies Project, the Sticker Club is going SEND YOU A STICKER IN THE MAIL just for using the website or app.

Here’s the deal:

Do all the things you normally do on the ALP and earn Sticker Club Points.

Each reward can be earned once per day.

As long as you earn 25 points before the end of the month, you’ll automatically receive a coupon in your email for the Sticker Club! Check out for free, and at the end of the month, we’ll mail out stickers to everyone that earned them.

You can track your progress below with this tracker, or at, in the ALP App‘s More menu under Sticker Club, or by clicking on the Sticker Club button on your Activity Feed.

Points are reset every month, and don’t carry over.

PLUS! Every month that you earn a Sticker Club reward, you will earn a matching Sticker Club badge to show off in your profile.

The May 2022 Sticker + Badge!

Share, create and get free stickers. What’s not to love?


Q: Do I have to be in the All-Access Club to earn a sticker?

A: No! Everyone in The Awesome Ladies Project will earn points and can take part in Sticker Club.

Q:Is this really a physical sticker you are going to mail to my house?

A: YES! Once you earn enough points, you will be emailed a coupon that you can trade in for a physical sticker that we will ship to your house, free of charge, anywhere in the world.

Q: What’s the difference between a post and a reply?

A: A post is creating something new on the activity feed, in a group or on the forums. You reply when you respond to anyone else’s post.

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  1. How fun! Something to put into our daily pages maybe, or we can create a a little album to put them all in….what to do….hahaha.