A Look Inside My ‘Life Crafted’ Travelers Notebook Album

In January, everyone started talking about the Citrus Twist Life Crafted albums, and I had to get one (or two). I love travelers’ notebook size scrapbooking but I don’t really love my layouts outside of page protectors so these albums were the perfect solution.

I had decided that I was going to make my regular scrapbook layouts in 8.5″ x 11″ this year but I love having this other option for smaller stories or just a change. Now, I happily work between the two. 4″ x 8″ is just a fun size once you get used to the tall and narrow proportions. It’s also great for full-page photos, and a lot of my spreads stick to my favourite photo-on-one-side-words-on-the-other formula.

For my album, I make most of my layouts digitally at 4″ x 8″, then sometimes add some stickers after printing. I can fit two onto a letter or A4 sized piece of photo paper (most of my layouts at this size are double spreads). A lot of digital designers, including me, have 4″ x 8″ or TN-sized layered templates for sale and that makes me so happy. I’ll link to some of those at the end.

Here are some of my pages:

Template by Citrus Twist Kits (Documenter Travelers’ Notebook Basics 1)
Template by In A Creative Bubble (Basics No 1)
Digital stickers by Kerrie Bradford (Block Party)
I’ve made a series of COVID-19 pages using my own template set

Being able to put these little 4″ x 8″ layouts in page protectors rather than glue them into travelers notebooks has been a game-changer for me. Here’s to trying new things! Shannan

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